2022’s Top 7 Free Slideshow Makers (Software and Apps)

If you’re here on this page, it’s likely that one of these three scenarios apply to you:

(a) you love photography—it could be that you dabble in it simply as a passion or do it professionally—and you’re looking for a way to share your photographs in the best possible manner

(b) you’re at work, and you’re quickly putting together a presentation to convey ideas/numbers/roadmaps/project plans clearly and in the most efficient way possible to higher-ups or your colleagues

(c) you’ve got a collection of photos from your personal life that remind you of a ton of memories, and you want to share them with your close friends and family

Regardless of which group you fall into, you’re looking for a slideshow maker that does the job for you, but at the same time will not not cost you any money.

We’ve got you covered—this article will dive into just that—read on to know more about our picks for the top 7 free slideshow makers in 2022. We shall look at each software/application, and consider features/benefits that differentiate them or make them stand apart from other tools in the market.

Let’s dive in.

Firstly—what is a slideshow?

Before we dive into our software choices for slideshow making, we should probably understand what a slideshow is in the first place.

A slideshow is a way to present your photos/images, or even videos, in a sequence such that each of those images or videos tie back to a common theme. You can use a slideshow in each one of the contexts that we have talked about in the beginning of the article—both professionally for work purposes or even just to showcase photographs from your personal life to friends and family.

For instance, you can use a slideshow in a personal capacity to present photos from a trip or an occasion in a fun and entertaining manner. Attach music to your slideshow and automate different aspects to make it suit the context in which you’ll be sharing it.

On the other hand, you could always use a slideshow for work purposes as well. You can add your presentation slides containing numbers, idea dumps, graphs, visualisations, and so on, to best convey your ideas and thoughts in a clear and effective manner at work.

Let’s now look at our list of the 7 best free slideshow makers in the market right now in 2022.

#1 Pitch

Pitch is a software tool that draws inspiration from productivity, design, as well as presentation software for making decks and slideshows easy and effective.

While you can always use Pitch for both your personal as well as professional image-sharing through slideshows, you’ll get the most out of the platform if you’re using it for work purposes. Here are some of the features that make it stand apart from other slideshow makers in the market currently. All of these functionalities are offered for free:

  1. The ability to create pitch decks/team-meeting presentations/sales decks/or even a simple photo-sharing slideshow easily and in no time
  2. Make edits to your slideshows quickly, add photographs from different websites providing free images through integrations
  3. The ability to add rich media via integrations with platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Loom
  4. Have your slideshows be data-oriented with the ability to quickly pull out data from Google Analytics and Google Sheets
  5. You can also choose templates for your slideshow depending upon your specific use-case. For instance, Pitch.com has some top-notch proposal templates that you can use as a starting base when you’re preparing a proposal to investors or clients. You can always check out these proposal templates from Pitch that cater to different use cases like sales decks, agency pitches, concept and marketing proposals, and more.

2. Thundersoft

Thundersoft is a free-to-download software application that you can download to your computer and use to build your own slideshows. It is only compatible with Windows. 

Bear in mind that, while the software is indeed free, the design is a bit clunky and outdated. It’s also more tailored for creating slideshows for your personal life—namely for photographs that you want to show to people at an event or gathering.

Here are some of the key features offered by Thundersoft:

  1. You can use the final slideshow output from Thundersoft for various purposes—Youtube, website banners, desktop screensavers, and so on
  2. Choose from over 70 transition effects that you can apply to your photos/images as you change through them in your slideshow
  3. Major video file formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI, and WMV are supported for making slideshows
  4. The platform offers multi-language support
  5. Direct export options to popular platforms where you can host your slideshows such as Youtube

3. PowerEditor

PowerEditor is more of a video-editing software than it is an exclusive slideshow maker, but it fits the bill quite nicely for slideshow making purposes as well. You can download the application for both PC as well as macOS devices for free and start using the application right away.

Here are some of its standout benefits and features:

  1. Suitable for easy and quick slideshow creation through a user-friendly and intuitive application interface
  2. The ability to add a wide array visual effects to your slideshows
  3. More of a comprehensive video-editing suite if you want to have a dedicated software application oriented towards video-editing apart from slideshow making
  4. Multiple AI features (mainly for video editing) such as audio enhancement, sky replacement, and motion tracking
  5. Add different types of overlays, transitions, text, and titles for all the slideshows that you create

4. PixTeller

PixTeller is a browser-based application that allows you to not just create your own slideshows, but create designs and edit your photographs as well.

You have additional options to edit your photographs to your liking, come up with custom designs for any kind of marketing material that you want to create for your brand within your slideshow, and more. Here’s what makes PixTeller different from the tools that we’ve discussed thus far:

  1. Choose from over 120+ fonts and an extensive library of free photos to create your own design mock ups and marketing material
  2. The ability to resize photographs, pixelate, blur, and add other effects to your photos
  3. Create different types of visual designs—cards, collages, flyers, banners, YouTube thumbnails, etc
  4. No limit at all on the number of photos that you can upload or add to your slideshow
  5. The ability to add music, transitions, text, and titles that go on the final slideshow

5. Kizoa

Kizoa is an all-in-one video creation and editing software that also offers you the possibility of making your own slideshow. Here are some of the most important features of the platform:

  1. Powerful video editing features for your slideshow such as trims, crop, transition, text, stickers, and more
  2. The ability to add audio effects and edit your audio such as trim, fade effects, looping, and voiceovers
  3. The ease of creating videos from text-based content with the help of 50 AI-powered themes
  4. Add a variety of fluid animations to your slideshow with effects like slide, blur, spin, bounce, spin, and disco
  5. 5000+ video and slideshow templates to choose from that allow you to create content for different purposes and use-cases

6. Photostage

Photostage is a downloadable free software for both macOS and Windows which can be used for non-commercial slideshow making purposes. It’s ideal for creating slideshows for personal use, and here are some of it’s key benefits and features:

  1. Easy to use interface and UI with features like drag and drop to arrange and sequence your images however you would like it to be in the final slideshow
  2. A wide range of effects to choose from and apply to your slideshow, like crop, zoom, fades, Ken Burns effect, and more
  3. Optimise and edit the photographs with different editing functionalities and see the changes made with a real-time preview option
  4. Extensive audio customization options with audio effects and editor, royalty-free sound effects and music library, and the ability to add your recorded narration
  5. Easily share your slideshow in a format that is best suited to the platform that you’ll be sharing it like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, or other hosting sites online

7. Animoto

While Animoto orients itself as a video-editing platform, you can easily create slideshows with the same. You can get started for free—here are some of the salient features that stand out when it comes to using Animoto for creating slideshows:

  1. Choose from millions of stock images and photos with Animoto’s integration with Getty Images
  2. Easy-to-use UI that offers various customizable templates to choose from for creating slideshows quickly
  3. Extensive collaboration capabilities if you’ve got more than one person working on your slideshows
  4. The ability to add text-animations and effects to your slideshows, coupled with a font library of over 40+ fonts
  5. Add audio for all the slideshows you create from Animoto’s library of licensed anf copyright-free music tracks

That’s about it—choose your slideshow maker based on what’s the right fit for your needs

We’ve gone through different free slideshow makers in the market and looked at standout features/benefits for each.

Some are ideal for making professional-looking slideshows for presentations/decks at work, while others are more suited towards more casual, personal slideshow making that you want to share with friends and family. Make sure to choose which free slideshow maker you want to go with based on which one fits your bill the best.