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Penguin 4.0 Should Launch Soon And It Will Be Real-Time

Google’s very own Gary Illyes said on Twitter, that the very much anticipated Google Penguin 4.0 update that didn’t come to be in 2015, and that didn’t come to be at the beginning of this year either, might just launch in a few weeks time. On being asked if we are weeks or months away […]

Google Penguin 4.0 Still Without a Release Date

As we already reported, Google has decided to forego the release of the new Penguin 4.0 for early 2016. However, there are still no news of the exact release date and Google’s Gary Illyes said that the black and white animal won’t be set loose until it is 100% ready. The penguins are getting closer […]

Matt Cuts Reveals Old Google PageRank Documents

The former leader of the Google web spam team Matt Cutts shared, on Twitter, a few documents portraying early Google PageRank development notes and other search engine ranking information: Oh man. Looking through old stuff and found Google docs/papers I studied/annotated in ’99 from before I even joined. pic.twitter.com/pI97pIdxB6 — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) January 3, […]