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You Can Safely Bulk Remove Backlinks From Your Disavow File

In the beginning of December 2015, Search Engine Roundtable reported a case of a person removing all of the backlinks in their disavow file and then stating that they saw a huge rankings boost as a result of this. Of course, we know the SEO world we live in, so there were most certainly other […]

Capital Letters in URLs Do Not Influence Google Rankings

You might probably be not aware that (sometimes) searching in uppercase vs lowercase letters returns (used to return) different SERPs as seen from this article. However, more recently, John Mueller from Google said that it doesn’t matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters in your URLs as this has no influence on Google rankings. […]

We Might See Google Penguin 4.0 in January 2016

As you have probably already heard, Google’s very own Penguin won’t be updated this year. However, in a recent Google+ hangout (around the 18:40 mark), John Mueller said that he is confident that Penguin 4.0 will happen in January of the new 2016: I don’t want to make any date promises but I am hopeful […]

Google Will Now Index HTTPS Pages By Default

Google has never taken user security for granted. Thus, websites serving HTTPS pages instead of HTTP were given a slight ranking boost in 2014. However Google has not stopped there as they have been pushing hard for the more secure HTTPS protocol to be used everywhere. The next step they took in this process was to prioritize […]

Google’s John Mueller Exposes His 2016 SEO Tips

In a Dec 15, 2015 Google+ hangout, at the 26:06 mark, John Mueller who is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, was asked to share his SEO tips for the upcoming 2016. Here’s what he had to say: Oh man… I don’t have any magical SEO tips for next year. I can’t tell you about […]

SEO PowerSuite – The All-In-One SEO Solution

SEO PowerSuite is one of the best packages on the market that provides a complete solution for every search engine marketer. The software includes the following tools: Rank Tracker – allows you to perform high level keywords research, track the rankings of your website as well as generate actionable reports. Website Auditor – analyzes website structures […]