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Quantum Copywriting Part 1: Headlines

Let’s get right to it with this simple, yet complex sentence: You will never ever achieve high conversion rates without a stunning copy – ever. No matter how great of a product or service you are offering and no matter how much traffic you are getting, you need an outstanding copy. I’ll say it again – […]

Revealed! The Ultimate 2015 Local SEO Guide

Focus, focus, focus. Whether you are looking to put your own website or that of your client on the local map, you need to be aware of these 2015 local SEO trends. And yes, local SEO is quite different from global SEO, or rather, more specific. No worries though, everything you need for your future local […]

Micro Niche Sites Are Back – Will You Get Aboard The Train This Time?

Hopefully the title alone is enough to get you guys excited. Before we start let us briefly list what you’ll get from this article: A perfect way to make your first money in internet marketing with minimal investment. An easy to follow method that teaches you internet marketing essentials – especially helpful to newbies. An insanely high ROI strategy […]