GSA SER Verified Site Lists Of The Gods (60% Discount)

It’s time to take the GSA SER site lists providers industry to the next level.


Our verified site lists come baked fresh right out of the GSA Search Engine Ranker link lists builder oven. They will last you for a very, very long time because we build these the same way we build the lists we use for our clients’ projects – and those can last months even if we didn’t updated them constantly – and because we sell each release of our lists to a limited number of people.


Before every release of our GSA SER verified site lists, we remove both duplicate domains and duplicate URLs. So, the projects you will be running with our lists will enjoy the power of unique domains link building – that same type of backlinks creation that search engines love.


Our site lists are created in a special way and reach ridiculously high verification success rates. That in turn leads to high VpM (as you will see in a second), as well as extremely high captcha solving success rates. But, there’s a secret to the captcha solving part of our link lists building process and we will reveal it to you in a minute.


While 95% of GSA Search Engine Ranker users are blasting the same damn target URLs because they only utilize GSA Captcha Breaker for captcha solving, our lists are built using a secondary captcha solving service, namely ReverseProxies OCR, which will give you target URLs that are not only of extremely high quality, but also, have not been blasted by anyone else.


Our verified site lists builders strongly focus on including as many contextual backlinks as possible. Sure there will be a lot of lower tier targets, but there will be a lot of contextuals as well as we know you guys love them. Overall, our site lists of the Gods contain a healthy and well balanced mix of both contextual and non-contextual target URLs, which is the right way to go with link building nowadays.


When you purchase our verified site lists, you will not only receive them, but also, 3 GSA SER project templates that make up a 3-tiered link pyramid that is optimized to the absolute maximum to work with GSA Search Engine Ranker and is ready for you to duplicate and use as many times as you want. Along with that comes a PDF that shows you exactly how you can use the templates included in the package.