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A Story of Making Money Online

If you think this is yet another all-talk no-results book, think again. This is what our Fiverr account looked like after about 3 months:

Inet Solutions Fiverr Revenues After 3 Months

I bet you want yours to look like that as well right? Yea you do – I see it in your digital eyes. Well, let me share with your our honest story so you can realize your vision.

The year is 2015. A strange, yet universal energy observes a group of human beings who have decided to start making money from the Internet. The entity will tease your mind with the answers to three logical, yet paradoxical questions:

  • What was their plan?
  • What were the actions they took in order to achieve their goal?
  • And most importantly, what was going on in their minds while all of this was happening?

Why paradoxical? The answer to this question should be created by your existence. As should the answers to the questions to follow. Will this weird entity manage to grasp the emotions that took place while Inet Solutions was being created? If so, how will it interpret them? And are you open-minded enough to perceive the thoughts of this being?

If you ever want to actually start making money online, this book is a must read – not because you should employ the same strategies, but because of all the hacks you will subconsciously insert into your brain. And it all starts with the mindset. If you build the right one, you will be able to make all the money you have ever wanted.

With this book, I just wanted to share with you our story in a way that would test your perceptive abilities. I didn’t just want to layout some dumbass tips or blueprint that you could just follow like a mindless robot. Sooner or later, a mindless robot will fail and will get back to square one wondering where it all went wrong. My goal with this story was to torment your neurons so that they can come up with a personalized solution – a brand new creation. Are you ready to start making some green stacks?

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