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Capacity of Mind


The human mind has always tinkled my curiosity. And I know, from personal experience, that it can do anything it focuses on. This website was created with the sole purpose of investigating the, well, capacity of our minds, and share ideas with other smart people on the subject. Who knows? Maybe we will come up with something groundbreaking. Capacity of Mind also focuses on the subject of intelligence and all its different types. What is intelligence? What is the physical manifestation of intelligence? Can it be improved or you are just a slave to your genetics? If these questions clicked with your frequency, you are more than welcome to check out the website. Surely you will learn a lot. I know I have.


This one is easy. Simple WordPress blog with the SmartMag theme. We tweaked the theme a bit to fix a few bugs that we found, but overall, it captures perfectly the essence of this website. It is very clean and simple and is also quite easy to build and customize.


Capacity of Mind is for those people who have spent countless hours wondering how a sequence of electrical impulses can create thoughts. What are thoughts made of? What is intelligence? What is the mind? Feeling teased? Good. So am I.