Game of Rankings

In the game of rankings, you either win, or you try harder. There is no middle ground. Please make sure to read through this whole page so you can choose the campaign that will match your requirements and skyrocket you in the search engines rankings race! The Google throne is still waiting for its rightful king you know?

  • 3 Tiers 30 Days High Authority Web 2.0 Posts & Profiles Pyramid
  • $5
  • HIGH PR Web 20s Inet Solutions Fiverr bigger

    Tier 1 (128 High Quality, Superb Web 2.0 Posts & Profiles):

    ★ 128+ Web 2.0 Posts & Profiles from our high authority Web 2.0 blog networks
    ★ Bonus Web 2.0 Posts and Profiles from our aged high quality Web 2.0 PBN

    We support all of the top Web 2.0 sites – WordPress, Intensedebate, Academia, Diigo, etc ~40 unique domains!

    Tier 2 (30 days Link Juice Backlinks, All Unique Domains + GOV & EDU Backlinks):

    ★ Blog Posts
    ★ Article Directories
    ★ Wikis
    ★ Social Networks
    ★ Social Bookmarks

    Tier 3 (30 days Indexation Backlinks, All Unique URLs):

    ★ Blog Comments
    ★ Guestbooks
    ★ Trackbacks
    ★ Short URLs
    ★ Indexers

  • ✔ Extremely niche relevant backlinks
    ✔ Trusted backlinks
    ✔ Lightning fast indexation
    ✔ Phenomenal authority
  • ✔ Your URL(s), recommended 1 – 5
    ✔ Your Keywords, recommended 5 – 10, no limit
    ✔ Keywords to scrape content with (keep in mind that all URLs must be in the same niche)

    ✔ Turnaround is 7 days

  • 30 Days 3 Tiers GSA SER Link Building Campaign
  • $5
  • GSA SER Link Building Campaign Fiverr Inet Solutions

    Tier 1 (Quality):

    ✔ Blog Posts
    ✔ Social Bookmarks
    ✔ Wikis
    ✔ Social Networks

    Tier 2 (Link Juice):

    ✔ Blog Posts
    ✔ Forum Profiles
    ✔ Image Comments
    ✔ Microblogs
    ✔ Social Bookmarks
    ✔ Social Networks
    ✔ Wikis

    Tier 3 (Indexation):

    ★ Blog Comments
    ★ Guestbooks
    ★ Trackbacks
    ★ Short URLs

  • ✔ Extremely customizable if you are aware of the functionalities of GSA Search Engine Ranker
    ✔ Thousands of backlinks
    ✔ Backlinks from more than 150 different platforms
    ✔ Strong diversification
    ✔ Works great for YouTube videos, Amazon products, Tier 1 URLs, WordPress blogs, churn and burn campaigns, and pretty much anything else.
  • ✔ Your URL(s), 100 limit
    ✔ Your Keywords, 10 – 20 recommended, no limit
    ✔ Optionally you can request specific settings for your campaign i.e. PR3+, certain engines only, etc.
    ✔ Keywords to scrape content with (keep in mind that all URLs must be in the same niche)

    ✔ Turnaround is 11 days

  • 30 Days 4 Tiers High Quality GSA SER Link Pyramid
  • $5
  • Revolutionary GSA SER Link Pyramid Fiverr Inet Solutions High PR

    Detailed campaign structure: click here

    Primary Levels (All DoFollow):

    ★ Quality Blog Posts and Articles
    ★ Social Networks

    Secondary Levels:

    ★ NoFollow Blog Posts
    ★ Wikis
    ★ Blog/Image/Guestbook Comments
    ★ Forum Profiles
    ★ Microblogs
    ★ Social Bookmarks

    Tier 4 (Indexation):

    ★ Blog Comments
    ★ Guestbooks
    ★ Trackbacks
    ★ Short URLs
    ★ Indexers

  • ✔ A 4-tiered (7 projects in total) backlinks pyramid with each tier split into primary and secondary levels.
    ✔ Maximum link juice passed on to your website!
    ✔ Optimized for next level efficiency!
    ✔ In standard pyramids more than half of the links in tier 2 are useless and with lower tiers it only gets worse. There is no such problem with this link pyramid structure!
  • ✔ Your URL(s), 1 recommended, 100 limit
    ✔ Your Keywords, 5 – 10 recommended, no limit
    ✔ Keywords to scrape content with (keep in mind that all URLs must be in the same niche)

    ✔ Turnaround is 11 days


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