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How to Become a Microsoft Certified Partner

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) or a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (MGCP) requires some very focused testing since the company won’t just partner with anybody who asks. Each Microsoft Certified Partner acts as representative of Microsoft itself, and that means that strict guidelines are in place to weed out any companies that aren’t ready […]

Why Web Design Matters

Understanding web design isn’t just for the people who manage it: having an idea of what it can do for your site, business, or service makes it much easier to fit it into your regular business plan. Whether you run a pet shop or a family law and legal aid firm, there’s no reason to […]

Niche Edits vs New Backlinks

Niche edits have become a very popular way of getting website backlinks, and it doesn’t seem like people will stop using them any time soon. The concept behind them is very simple: it’s better to add a new link to older, more valuable content than to create a new piece of content from scratch. But […]