What Employee-Related Issues Might You Face as an Employer?

As an employer, it’s important to be aware of common issues that you might face with your employees. Even if you have a great cohort of staff, there is always a chance that something might go wrong or you might face challenges with employer management.

Issues within your team of employees can cause further problems in your workplace. It can disrupt workflow, reduce productivity, and negatively impact employee engagement and satisfaction.

Learning about the most common employee-related issues you can face as a business owner enables you to find helpful prevention strategies to keep your employees happy and your workplace thriving.

Harassment and Discrimination

Both harassment and discrimination are illegal, but sadly, they’re common workplace issues.

If one of your employees is experiencing either of these issues, it’s essential that you address them immediately. Failure to do so doesn’t just negatively impact employee safety and satisfaction, but it could also have serious legal consequences for you and your business.

If you’re unsure how to resolve the serious issues of harassment or discrimination in your workplace, consider finding employee legal assistance in Riverside or your local area. A legal expert can guide you through local and national employment laws and ensure you can protect your staff members from harm.

Inadequate Performance

There might be times when one or more of your employees aren’t reaching their individual goals or contributing to their team goals. This may be due to disengagement, laziness, or personal struggles. It’s important to determine the cause of poor employee performance and take reasonable action.

For example, if an employee is having difficulty completing their tasks due to a lack of understanding, consider providing further training for them. If they’re lacking motivation to work due to issues in their personal life, you might want to provide mental health support resources, refer them to occupation health, or recommend a therapist.

After providing the necessary support, you should continue to monitor your employee’s performance to see if it improves. If not, you may need to implement an action plan or issue a warning.

High Absenteeism

Good employee punctuality and attendance is a key contributor to business success. If your employees frequently fail to show up to work, it can negatively impact workflow, productivity, and staff morale. Inadequate staff levels put extra pressure on the employees who continually show up to work and could start to impact their ability to focus on their own tasks or their job satisfaction.

Tackling high absenteeism often involves creating clear attendance policies and communicating them to your team. If a staff member continually misses work, you should take action and speak directly with them to determine the reason why they’re not showing up to work.

Offer your staff as much support as possible to help them overcome the barriers that are stopping them from coming to work. For example, if they are struggling with family-related matters, you might want to offer flexible working hours or the option for remote working to make things easier for them.