Complete Mobile App Developer Salary Data

Complete Mobile App Developer Salary Data

As the digital world grows, smartphones usage and app development also increase. What does this imply? Well, the obvious answer is that mobile app developers increase as well. The internet world has adopted more advanced technologies that have made the world a better place.

A lot of worldwide IT personnel have switched their focus on mobile app network that led to massive growth in areas of AI technologies, machine learning, and the internet world at large. When the number of developers increases, you will then wonder, what is the average app developer salary?

In this article, we are taking a close look at the developer app salary statistics and compare the data. Since the need for app developers are rising every other day, landing on a top-notch professional in the sector might become a bit harder. That is why you need to understand the average mobile app developer salary to get the best.

To begin with, understand that a top-notch app developer must know the emerging trends, the IT market at large, how to solve emerging issues and marketing knowledge as well.

In this article, we will learn the following topics:

  • Factors affecting app developer salary
  • Distinguished types of app developers
  • How much they get paid

Factors affecting app developer salary

Programming Languages and the platform

Both iOS and Android have a more significant percentage in the existing mobile platforms yet when it comes to app development, each of them has different ways. For example, the salary for an iOS developer in the US is similar to that of Android. The difference comes because the choice for every mobile platform differs.

iOS developers need to be perfect at Objective-C/Swift programming language to develop a native iOS app. On the other hand, Java programming language is the critical aspect Android developers

Geographical location

When it comes to global pay rates of app developers, there is always a difference based on the country or a region where the developer is based. For example, US-based developers attract a higher salary compared to the ones located out of Asia country. The US-based developers are reportedly to get $105,220 on yearly basis while in India, an app developer attracts an average salary of about $4,100 according to Indeed.

The region in which an app developer is located also affects the average salary. For example, cities like Houston, New York, and San Francisco attract a high salary which is the opposite of cities like Columbus and Philadelphia, which attract an average salary.

Level of experience

In general, senior developers who have worked for more years earn more followed by junior developers then entry-level with fewer years of experience. For example, in US, the average entry-level is $78,918 whereby the salary increase with more working years.

Level of Education and certifications

Having formal education in app development is a crucial aspect since it is a broad and technical field. IT field has trends that emerge daily. This calls for the need to have at least a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in software engineering, computer science, IT, and some related studies.

Distinguished types of app developers

Entry-Level App Developers

They are newbies in the field who are just starting. They are simply beginners in IT sector. They are deemed to have little knowledge of mobile app development salary, and in most cases, they lack working experience from previous companies. Entry-level developers are usually given easy to do tasks as they polish their skills.

Due to inadequate experience, entry-level app developers are entitled to a salary quite low. They have to learn and upgrade their skills to higher heights. According to Payscale .com, an entry-level developer is estimated to earn about $58,200 on a yearly basis.

Junior App Developer

They are a group of developers who have pulled up efforts to become experts in mobile app development. They include university graduates who have done some research to improve their skills. They have adequate skills acquired from previous company or researches they have done. Most employers trust them quickly due to their art of quick response to requests. This range of developers gets around $66,800 on a yearly basis.

Senior App Developer

From the title itself, it shows that this is a group of developers who have been in the game for quite a while. They have gained a lot of experience from working for different companies and built their brand ahead of junior and entry-level developers.

Senior developers are given the top priority to handle technical issues within IT section of the company. To achieve this title, it means the developers have worked for the company for a good number of years; hence, they build up their reputation. They are always given the mandate to supervise and direct newbies in the market.

From their experience, this group of developers are known to pocket a good amount of money. Senior developers are estimated to earn about $90,000 yearly.