Fed Up With “Your connection is not private“ Errors in Google Chrome

Fed Up With “Your connection is not private“ Errors in Google Chrome?

Wireless internet is a great convenience in today’s world – how easy it is to access any information, to contact any person? Unfortunately, it’s not only that and there are various threats that we have to be wary about: phishing, email spoofing, email-borne viruses, chat clients, overseas money transfer scams, hacker attacks and many, many more. Surfing the internet is dangerous now like never before.

That’s why people are cautious and they try to react to every alert. Because of that, “your connection is not private“ error, that pops up in Google Chrome, seems so alarming.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the internet. People use it every day to get the information they need. And sometimes, while trying to get access to a website, you see a mysterious notification that your connection is not private.

Firstly, you should check if the address is correct; normally it’s because the SSL secure method can’t verify the website. There may be many reasons for that – usually, it turns out that the SSL certificate is unknown or expired; sometimes the connection is not secure. Fortunately, there is a way to fix “your connection is not private” problem in Google Chrome.

Check your computer’s settings – it’s important to have the right date and hour. Sometimes it may be your anti-virus or firewall overreacting and if you’re sure that the connection is safe, you can proceed to the website manually. It’s also possible to temporarily turn off the warning messages in Google Chrome.

It may happen that there’s actually a problem on the server. In this case, you can proceed to the website anyway, but only if you’re absolutely positive it’s safe, or you can remove the error completely in Google Chrome Properties, but it’s a risky move.

To know more about web safety and removing threats, check out this infographic provided by HowToRemove Guide and their website: