Domain Hunter Gatherer 10 Percent Discount - The Ultimate Expired Domains Tool

Domain Hunter Gatherer 10% Discount – The Ultimate Expired Domains Finder Tool

Domain Hunter Gatherer (DHG) is the ultimate cheap high quality expired domains and Web 2.0 blogs hunter. Just by the click of a button, the software will list all the expired domains and Web 2.0 blogs relevant to your target keywords including all of their important metrics – PR, PA, DA, CF, TF, etc.

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  1. James
    James says:

    It seems that Dominic Detailer isn’t selling credits anymore. Without a quick way to check metrics, is there really value in this software now?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey James,

      Since when has Dom Detailer disavowed purchases? I haven’t noticed any problems getting metrics in DHG at all. I just tested again and everything was fine. Maybe they just closed it for further purchases? Domain Hunter Gatherer comes with default credits so this seems to still be working.



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