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The Importance of Data Visualization in Business

Data visualization plays a significant role in various business organizations and helps them analyze their data and make better decisions. It is like a graphical representation of the numerical data, representing trends, patterns, and associations. Data scientists can easily understand such graphs, and they use this data to design machine learning algorithms used in forecasting […]

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

Think about what makes your event special (i.e., why would someone want to go?). This should be reflected in everything you write, including titles, headlines, and first sentences. Your first goal is to attract readers’ interest. If they’re not interested, then there’s no need for them to read the rest of your press release. Get […]

Google Reviving Webmaster Q&A Video Series?

As per a recent tweet by the official Google Webmasters Twitter account, we can tell that they are looking to resurrect their webmaster Q&A video series: We’re looking into a series of webmaster Q&A videos. Which questions are on your mind & need covering? Let us know! https://t.co/aqCsaV4S63 Back in the glorious days of Matt Cutts, […]