E-Commerce Site Essentials: Elements Your Online Store Needs

E-Commerce Site Essentials: Elements Your Online Store Needs

In the not too distant past, e-commerce was one option of many in building a successful retail business. The recent global crises have changed the economic landscape beyond recognition. Where once the term ‘online trading’ probably referred to as a method to sell BTC, it now refers to the gold standard in retail. Online shopping used to be a novelty; now, it is the easiest way to make purchases.

With no end in sight for global lockdowns and trading restrictions, the most direct line to your clients is by catering these online clients. The big problem is that technology has only really matured in the last couple of years, and most people don’t know where to begin. The process seems too technical and daunting.

This apprehension invites sharks, by way of website developers who contractualise the maintenance making money for doing pretty much nothing. Once set up, all you need to do, and indeed all that a ‘host’ does is update your catalogue. The software does the rest. We have put together a list of the most critical steps you need to take for your online store to be a success.

Quality Design

Can it possibly be that the design of your website plays a more significant role in your success than any other single factor? Well, it does. There are two main aspects of web design. The first is the branding and cultivating a consistent brand identity that reflects and promotes your business. Less is more, but you will find that this is the case with both key points.

Ease Of Use

The second is the website map; in other words, how do you get from one page to another. A beautiful landing page with immaculate flourishes and poetically written content capturing the very essence of your business probably seems the way to go. Well, it isn’t. Amature web designers sell such nonsense. In truth, you want to have a few separate pages as possible.

When You Think It’s Too Little, Remove At Least Two More Things

Ideally, one page should contain a brief intro, lovely images of your products that link directly to checkout and at the bottom of the page company info and details. You could get away with two pages, but you can ask any SEO expert about link drop off, that is when people leave your page after having to follow page links, and they will tell you that around 80% of people leave a site if they have to follow just one unnecessary link.

Banking Services For Transactions

Moving on to the part that people seem to find most intimidating, we come to banking services. The truth of the matter is that the bank with whom you hold your business account is likely more than happy to assist you in setting up payment features on your website. If it does become daunting, you can hire a web designer, but do not let them trick you into thinking you need them to maintain the services. Once set up, there is nothing to support.