Facelift Your Website Marketing Strategies

Facelift Your Website Marketing Strategies

The makeover of your website can give a new horizon to your business. Some businesses can’t afford complete redo of their site, so they can make some changes for a digital facelift. Try to consider any reliable SEO Toronto company in your area. They can give you the right advice to improve your business and online presence. Here are some excellent marketing strategies to facelift your website.

Facelift of Your Brand

In the first step, you have to look at your brand because brands carry a consistent experience, credibility, and quality. Evaluate your logo because it should represent the personality of your office. Your logo should be unique to describe your services, and if it is not unique, you have to work on it. After modifying logo, you can use it as your profile image on your social media accounts. Carry this logo through your office and marketing materials.

Spruce up a Website

Your products and services are incomplete without a responsive internet site. You have to design a website that should work well on mobiles, web browsers, laptops, tablets, etc. A well-designed and updated website can increase the conversion rate of your customers. You can persuade your customers with professional content. It will be good to run a blog and give some instructions and ideas about your services.

Active Page on Social Media

If you are not active on popular social media platforms, you are missing out incredible opportunities to get new clients and retain old ones. Facebook can be a right platform to interact with your new and old clients, replicate appointments and increase the number of referrals. You can create a business page on Facebook. Upload your logo or a beautiful profile picture. Design a personalized cover photo of your office or team in your office. Carefully complete your information to make an impressive profile and start posting.

You can share interesting articles and health tips on your blog and link these posts to your Facebook page. It will help you to win the trust of customers and increase your social engagements. Update your website regularly with high-quality content. You can give details about new products and services. Your regular blog posts on your services, wellness topics and stories of your satisfied customers can increase your conversion rate. If you are legally allowed in your jurisdiction, you can add testimonial videos of your clients. It will enhance the trust of visitors on your services.

Live Chat

Add a live chatbot on your website to give instant chat options to your visitors. Live chat is more effective than a phone call or email. By adding the option of live chat on your website, you can give it an instant facelift.

Refresh Theme of Website

If you want to give a fresh feel to your site, you can change its theme. It is easy to find and install a fresh theme from your server. Make sure to consider the compatibility of the new theme with your brand and plugins.