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Five Things You Must Know Before Starting Dropshipping

You have heard and read a lot about Dropshipping. It has been painted in such a lucrative way that you are already thought of starting one. Without a doubt, dropshipping is one of the most lucrative e-commerce businesses. It eliminates the stress of owning a store or warehouse for the products you sell. You just […]

The Essential Hardware Components Needed to Start an Ecommerce Business

Investing in specific equipment is an integral part of starting an ecommerce business. Although the technical needs may vary, depending on the type of venture you start, the basics remain the same. E-commerce has significantly reduced the capital and requirements necessary to start a venture. Investing in a high-quality computer and other equipment is essential. […]

3 Industries That Use SMS Marketing, and 3 That Should

There are many marketing tools available today, ranging from the simple to the highly technological and advanced. Various industries often find a particular method that works for their audience. One of these strategies is SMS marketing. While several industries use text messages to reach more customers and generate sales, others haven’t adopted it quite as […]

iPad SIM and eSIM: All You Need to Know

Ever since the introduction of the first generation of iPad back in 2010, Apple always offered two main versions: Wi-Fi only, and cellular-enabled iPads.  As the name suggests, cellular iPads can connect to the internet via the cellular network. For quite some time, this has been achieved by having a physical SIM card tray in […]

House Cleaning Pricing Guide: How You Should Price House Cleaning Jobs

How should you quote a house cleaning service?  Unfortunately, answering this question can be quite complex, as each cleaning business has unique costs they should factor into their prices. So, you can’t simply quote whatever your competitors are charging and use the same approach.  However, while there’s no easy answer to this question, there are […]

6 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Teams

While managing remote teams isn’t exactly a new concept, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working in many companies. With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home for months, many companies have been forced to ask their employees to work from home, remotely.  However, managing remote teams can pose a lot […]

How To Stream Video: A Beginner’s Guide

In the past, broadcasting live videos is a thing only available for TV stations and huge enterprises, but now streaming videos online has become an affordable and accessible avenue for anyone.  Just a few years back, streaming live video on the internet is still a relatively complex process, and not only the equipment required is […]

Three Best Cloud Hosting for POS Systems

Cloud Point of Sale (POS) system permits private ventures to acknowledge face to face payments. Exchanges occur face to face while the processing of payment occurs in the cloud. For example, convenience store pos systems use cloud frameworks that oversee other business tasks like customer loyalty programs, employee schedules, and inventory management. Cloud POS systems […]

Why Is Behavioral Segmentation Important For Marketers?

Purchasing something online is not as simple as it seems. It consists of an elaborate set of attitudes, preferences, needs and motivating factors that are bound by budgetary limitations, age, gender, income, geographical location, social status, etc. These result in certain identifiable behaviors that often morph into habits and set patterns. The purchaser’s journey is […]