How To Edit YouTube Videos: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms, which has massive traffic. It is the best for video content. It is a built-in application for every mobile device. It is compatible with several types of devices and web applications. Although it is easy to watch the videos, it is difficult to attract a good engagement for a channel.
Content creators must produce quality content. The audience prefers watching any video content of their tastes. It may be of excellent quality. Thus, they must edit the videos before uploading them. Anyone who has a YouTube handle can upload their content for free and later get monetised. Monetisation is possible only if there are plenty of viewers and subscribers. So, it is related to video editing. 

Using YouTube Studio, a creator can edit videos.

For video editing, there are plenty of free as well as paid applications. But YouTube Studio also has its built-in video editor. This is not an editor with advanced editing features. A YouTuber can perform basic editing of the videos for free. The basic editing features include starting and ending part trimming. Also, you can now clip out the unnecessary middle section. It also blurs a background or faces when the creator wants to protect their anonymity. 

Apart from these features, a creator needs a standalone video editor to create videos. As a beginner, you may get confused. Beginners rarely have proper editing skills. But if guided, they can be the best editors. A beginner may not have the proper equipment like high-quality cameras, tripod stands. But it is compulsory to have a good editing tool. You can use a free tool like Adobe’s YouTube clip maker to cut and trim, add music, logos, and effects, edit in real-time with others, and more.

As a beginner, the task you can do is to import all the video clips recorded on the software. This software can be a free version or a paid one. It is recommended to use the free version for beginners. It is because every editor has its features. Adjusting to those features and using them often becomes hectic. So, it is recommended for beginners to explore several video editing tools—both in online and offline modes.

After importing, each video clip needs to be trimmed to bring out the best part. After trimming, all the clips must be stringed together in sequence to look like a single video. After that, rendering is done for the finished project. Between, the video editors can use transitions to make it more attractive. Another essential thing to add is the background music or the voice over. It adds more emotions to the entire video. Thus, all these are the basic requirements for beginners. 

There are several YouTube video editors available on the market. But there are some important steps involved. This illustrates the steps of editing a video for YouTube.

  • Select an appropriate video editing tools

The first step is to choose an appropriate video editing tool. Before selecting a video editor, the creator must clarify what they need. You should select an editing tool depending on his requirements, experience and hardware. Also, you can upload content and the features that you want to put in place in the video.

  • Organize the video clips in sequence

After importing, the creator must organize the clips according to their sequence. It makes the entire process simple. The editor may create a copy of it and save it somewhere in case there is some mishandling.

  • Select the Project Settings

As per your requirements, you need to select the dimensions, frame rate, and aspect ratio. Also, several other settings that will make the video look good. For different software, there are different editing and settings options.

  • Import the video clips

The next important step is to import all the media files. It depends on the tool that you are using to edit. There is a choice to sort the clips after importing or exporting them. This is done after arranging them in sequence.

  • Use the timeline, perform several basic edits.

The entire process of editing takes place on the timeline. This timeline is present in every editing software. The basic edits, like cutting or trimming, are done here. Dragging the media files into the timeline is also possible. Audio editing is also done here. The editor can insert the audio into the timeline. It will start along with the video.

  • Add transitions and effects to make it more attractive.

There are several transitions available. These effects make the video more attractive. They can hold the attention of the audience for quite a long time. Some effects include adding black and white to the clips or making them look old or vintage. Chroma Keyer is another effect that can remove all the shades of one color. A Color corrector is also a great option.

  • Render the last video

Rendering the final video means exporting it from the video editor. After exporting only, the creator can upload it to YouTube or any other social media platform. This step is done only if you are sure that nothing more needs to be changed.

  • If comfortable, add some advanced yet simple editing techniques.

After all these steps, the beginner may feel unsatisfied with his editing. For that, he may try to put in place some advanced editing techniques in his video. Some of them include keyframing, event pan/crop and masking.


YouTube is the largest and the most famous social media platform when it comes to consuming video content. These days, people prefer watching video content in all forms. These people range from students to senior citizens. This platform is meant for the free consumption of videos. Content creators can also upload the videos for free. YouTube never charges. Anyone who wants to document his life through vlogs or wants to teach can upload videos. But the audience is gradually degrading the attention span. So, to make these videos more attractive, the creators must edit these videos. Video Editing makes the video more presentable. This will bring a lot of viewers. 

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to edit videos, an online video editing tool. It’s easy, quick with various features that will make your videos rich in quality in less than an hour!