How to Hire SEO Firms: The Complete Guide for Your Business

Did you know that Google considers over 200 factors when deciding which content to rank?

Between choosing the right keywords and making sense of core web vitals, things can quickly get overwhelming.

This is where hiring an SEO agency can help. Not only can hiring an expert save you precious time, but you’ll get results faster with a strategy tailor-made for your business.

But how do you hire SEO firms? What questions do you ask them, and how do you pick between them?

Don’t worry, because this article has you covered. Below is our complete guide on how to hire SEO firms so your business can finally grow this year!

Get Clear on Your Business Goals

The first step in hiring an SEO agency is figuring out what outcome you want for your business.

For example, you may want to use the benefits of SEO to attract your ideal customers. Perhaps you’re not sure how to market using SEO and social media.

Or, you might be looking to rank your business higher in local search results (read more about this topic here).

Once you have a good idea, search for SEO agencies that specialize in helping clients with the goals you’ve chosen.

Ask For Experience and References

While you can see an agency’s experience by checking their website, you’ll want to send them an email to ask for references.

Make sure to ask their previous clients if they were happy with the results they got and if they would recommend the agency to others.

Another way to look at an SEO firm’s experience is to check its portfolio and case studies.

Case studies are particularly valuable because they show you the measurable results the firm was able to get for past clients.

Look For White-Hat Practices

Every specialist can give you a digital marketing strategy, but not all of them follow ethical practices.

White-hat SEO practices focus on ethical strategies and best practices for marketing businesses online. White-hat SEO practices are the hallmark of a reputable agency.

Black-hat SEO practices go against search engine guidelines and often result in a penalty. So while a cheaper agency might be tempting, it will cost you more in the long run if the firm uses black-hat practices.

Compare Prices and Services

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of SEO agencies to your top three, it’s time to compare prices.

You also need to see if the agency charges you per service or if they can give you a comprehensive package. One crucial thing to ask them is if they can give you further support once your contract ends.

Ready to Hire SEO Firms for Your Business?

If you’re ready to hire SEO firms for your business, be sure to follow the steps outlined in this article.

And once you’ve chosen the SEO firm you want to work with, ask them for a face-to-face consultation. This will help you determine if you will work well together.

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