This Simple YouTube Marketing Strategy Brings Phenomenal Results

This Simple YouTube Marketing Strategy Brings Phenomenal Results

Lately, I’ve been surfing around YouTube a lot, watching various videos in different niches, and as I was doing that this past week, I noticed something that I thought would be a good idea to write about. It’s basically a simple YouTube strategy that, by the looks of it, is bringing amazing results. Let me show you.

What You’ll Learn

  • The YouTube marketing strategy in question – this one will give you the extra edge your videos need.

The Strategy

I just want to start out by saying that this will be a very short article as there isn’t much to say about the strategy because it is really simple. If you are looking for a complete guide on ranking YouTube videos (both on YouTube and Google), you can check out this article.

Now, this marketing strategy that I will talk about touches just the title and the thumbnail of the video. It doesn’t play with the rest of the components of a YouTube video. The channel that uses this “angle” is this one – RomanAtwoodVlogs.

You can quickly see for yourselves, through their latest videos, just how effective this strategy is. So what is it? Well, it’s basically a kind of curiosity provocation. Just take a look at all of the titles of the videos. They don’t really tell you exactly what they are about right? But they do tingle your curiosity and that’s really hard to resist.

And when you combine that with an ever more curiosity provocative thumbnail, you get an easy view. For creating attractive thumbnails you can use Thumbnail Creator App. Now, a few things I want to say here. First of all, I’m not saying that these guys are consciously using this marketing strategy or that they are using it just to get the views (This simple guide shows you how to buy views for YouTube).

This channel is actually pretty awesome and the guys are really honest and positive. It’s just that, when you compare it to other channels in the same niche that have similar amount of subscribers, you can see how much more effective their videos are.

I mean, hours after the release of new ones, they already have millions of views. Even for a channel that has close to 8.3 million subscribers, that’s fascinating. Another thing I want to point out here is aesthetics. Aesthetics sell easily and when you combine that with the positive emotion that these guys create with each of their videos, it’s an easy win-win situation.

Will this same strategy work for every niche on YouTube? No, I don’t think so as some niches actually require you to specify exactly what your video will be about. But, it is a good angle to remember. Really, this is nothing more than a combination of good copywriting and beautiful sense of design. That’s it.

And I just wanted to do a quick writing on this as it caught my attention due to its effectiveness. I know a lot of you guys play with YouTube so I thought this might be useful to someone looking for a little bit of extra edge on their videos.


This marketing strategy of playing with the curiosity of your audience and always letting them want more is extremely effective because, as I already said, human curiosity is very hard to contain. I mean, I’m completely aware of this and still I want to see what the video is about even though I know for sure that I won’t watch the entire video from beginning to end.

So, next time you’re coming up with a title and a thumbnail for your new YouTube video, think about this marketing strategy and test it out. Who knows, it might work even better for you. Happy provoking.