Top 5 Best Search Engines in the World

Top 5 Best Search Engines in the World

How does one determine if a search engine is good? For starters, you might say that you’re using a good search engine if it gives you relevant results and doesn’t invade your privacy. Having a good search filter system might also be one criterion.

The online world is filled with incredible search engines, and we’ve compiled some of the best ones below:


Caring both for your privacy and nature, Ecosia uses your searches to plant trees. Whenever you enter a search keyword, Ecosia will show you ads related to that keyword. If the ads gain any income, that income is then used for reforestation efforts. Keep in mind that these ads are generated based on your search keyword and nothing else. After seven days, Ecosia completely anonymizes your searches and gets rid of any data related to you.

Ecosia has planted over 60 million trees through this strategy. So if you want to help with reforestation efforts by doing a simple online search, use Ecosia. is a search engine with a nice and simple layout. However, if you’re tired of seeing the same results on the front page, gives you less conventional results. For instance, if you search for a product, the first handful of results will probably be from Amazon or eBay. With, however, you’ll find the most relevant results from lesser-known sites. This can help you break free from relying on typical sites to get your info.


Looking through thousands of pages of message boards and forums is a daunting task. You will probably feel frustrated just by thinking about it. Luckily for you, BoardReader aims to simplify your in-forum search through their unique algorithm. When you enter a keyword into BoardReader, the search engine searches all the forums online for relevant results. The best thing about this is that they list results based on what’s most relevant, not results from the biggest forums. This can also help you discover new forums for niche interests.


This search engine that puts your privacy above all else. HotBot ensures that you remain anonymous during your search. On top of that, it ensures that none of your personal data will be collected or sold to any third parties.

HotBot is also a kid-friendly search engine thanks to its strict Safe Search setting. Results with adult content are removed, so kids can safely use the search feature. It also helps that Ray the Robot, HotBot’s logo, adds an amicable vibe to using this search engine.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-inclined search engine that won’t track your searches or store your data even if you’re in private browsing mode.

Aside from taking your privacy seriously, DuckDuckGo also takes your time seriously. This search engine has an Instant Answers feature. This feature immediately shows you the “answer” to your queries as soon as you enter a search keyword. So if you enter a question, DuckDuckGo immediately shows you the best possible answer in the search results.

Give these search engines a try and make your online experience a more fruitful one!