What Is a Good Domain Authority Score & How To Check It?

Every digital market in the world has one common point of interest, and it is rank one on the engine results page (SERP’s). The level is highly valuable as it would show your website or blog in the first position. The complete first SERP is significant assets, but the first position is exclusively relevant.

Getting the first place is not an easy task, especially the increasing number of competitors in the market. The first rank is dependent on several factors, like backlinks authority and keyword ranking.

Domain Authority (DA) is one of these aspects that the ranking of your website dramatically depends upon.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is a metric for ranking that is established by Moz, which envisages how high a specific website will rank on the SERP’s (Search engine result pages). It is among the standards laid down within the industry that are used when we are considering SEO’s and SERP’s ranking.

Domain authority score is critical in ranking; therefore, you must have a good score. Domain authority is evaluated on a scale with markings ranging from 1 up to 100. The closer the score is to 100, will higher the traffic and improved ranking.

A lower Domain authority would not only result in lower ranking on SERP’s but additionally, it would massively hamper the amount of traffic attracted to your website.

Getting a higher DA score is not an easy task, and expecting to increase it overnight is a wrong approach. It takes a lot of dedication over time to enlarge it.

Significance of Domain Authority

The competition online for the front pages and higher ranks only seems to increase. There are millions of websites out there that are trying to establish themselves. The higher the domain authority of your website, the more chances of it rating higher than them.

Domain authority is a critical metric; it is, therefore, essential to have a thorough understanding of it, so you can improve it every day little by little until you get your desired results.

How to Increase Domain Authority

A lot of information regarding the importance of Domain authority is already provided previously; however, it is equally essential to be familiar with how you can increase the DA score. Some of the best tips that can be essential in getting a higher rating on search engines are mentioned below:-

The first aspects are backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of getting a higher score. The Relevancy and value of backlinks have a detrimental effect. One thing that you should remember is that you should always opt for getting backlinks from websites that have a higher DA score than yours. It would generate a lot of audience to your site.

The second aspect is to remember that ‘’Content is King’’. Nobody likes reading boring and lengthy material on a website instead, if it is replaced by brief and knowledgeable content. Pay attention to how the structure of your articles is aligned. Try refraining from additional or extra information that is not entirely beneficial or related to the main topic.

The third aspect is to post more often. If you post content once a while, it would massively reduce the attention of the visitors because it would give a more latent image to your website. Balancing regularity and consistency is vital.

Using Social platforms for pasting the links of your website is another efficient way of generating traffic. It is because Social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have pages that might be related to your target audience. Spreading the links of your website, there proves to be a major attraction point and has established to attract visitors.

Guest postings are another operative technique of increasing the target audience and the influence of your site. Moreover, the method is also a lot safer. You should be familiar though that spamming is not only considered annoying it is also a bother for users, so you should refrain from it at all costs.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

Domain authority is recorded on a scale that contains measurements from 1 up to 100. 1 is considered the lowest and 100 the highest that you could achieve by using the algorithm that was premeditated initially by Moz.

The logarithmic scale indicates that it is a lot easier to increase your Domain Authority score if it is at a 30 or a 40 compared to if it was at 70 or even 80. It gets tougher to increase as the rating goes higher, and it would require additional effort to enhance it further.

A Domain authority score among 30 and 50 is deliberated as an average score if it is slightly higher between 50 and 60, it is considered a good score. Over 60, it is deemed to be excellent, and not every website online can achieve it.

The higher, the better if you can go up to 80, your website would be blooming with traffic and SERPs would rank it pretty highly.

How to check the DA Score?

Checking DA scores would require a tool, and luckily many websites have them available online. Though the efficiency and update can be an issue with this software, it is essential to select the right one.


A highly reliable and efficient tool for checking both the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website is provided by PrePostSEO.

The tool uses all of the metrics laid down by MOZ in determining the Domain Authority of your website. It furthermore uses the server’s IP address and Google’s indexed pages in deciding it. The score is updated each month, and the DA calculated by this engine is accurate and efficient.

Using the tool is extremely easy. All the user has to do is paste the URL of the website that they need to check the DA of and then click on the ‘’Check Authority’’ button to initiate the tool. You can also paste up to 25 URLs and determine the page authority of each page as well.