Why You Need a Landing Page for Higher Conversions

Why You Need a Landing Page for Higher Conversions

In a nutshell, landing page conversions are the most critical part of your sales funnel. This is especially true if you are paying per click for ads on Google. This may seem obvious and intuitive  – but it isn’t for everyone. 

If you are only paying for actual clicks on your advertisements which then proceed to your landing page, then your entire marketing campaign depends on the landing page. Therefore, you and your business should make certain that this page in particular is effectively converting your visitors into quality leads.

Of course, you will need to find a reliable UI design agency that can provide you with high-quality landing page design services. Creating a landing page involves endless attention to detail, so you will have to make sure the company you want to hire fully understands what you need. It’s not only about creating a pretty page layout with attractive images on it. An effective landing page will also draw visitors’ attention and then lead them to either sending you their contact information or straight to making a purchase. Based on these factors, among other things, your UI design agency will be able to create a landing page that will boost your conversion rates and add to your army of quality leads.

How Do You Attract Your Audience?

As a business owner, it’s essential to never forget your audience. Any pay-per-click manager is capable of conducting keyword research and setting up ads. But often these managers neglect the most crucial piece of the whole process: the landing page.

Creating and launching a landing page increases your conversion rate twice over. As a result, you end up getting twice as many quality leads for the same advertising cost. And since most of your competitors neglect this simple fact, you will inevitably end up with higher conversion rates than them. In other words, launching a landing page provides you with a massive competitive advantage in your niche. Compared with how much your competitors will have to dish out, you’ll save handsomely on advertising. 

In reality, a properly designed landing page can help you get quality leads for a third of the price of a regular Google ad campaign. In other words, you have to hire a UI design company and invest in your landing page design. But this initial investment will ultimately lead to higher revenues more effectively than the alternative: spending thousands of dollars on Google ads and realizing they are not working. 

Perhaps you’ve already hired someone to build an excellent site for you, and you think you don’t need a landing page. While your website might be a masterpiece, it unfortunately doesn’t mean that your conversion rates are going to soar. If a site looks beautiful, in most cases, it doesn’t convert well. The reason is simple – normal  websites, regardless of their aesthetic beauty often lack what landing pages utilize to ensure customer leads and conversions. 

Further, websites are not the best ‘psychological’ tool for generating leads. If people are provided with too many options, the chances are high that visitors will be overwhelmed and leave the site. Instead, you want them to stay focused and take the action you want them to take. It could be ordering a phone call, signing up for a free account, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. In other words, you want to get your landing page visitors into your sales funnel, and the best way to do this is by offering something free. 

Landing Page Basics

There shouldn’t be any links at the top or down the side of your landing page. Moreover, it’s best not to have any links on the landing page at all. But – it’s important to keep Google happy – so you should still have a few. Your landing page must compel your audience to contact you or leave behind their personal information so you can contact them.

Therefore, your landing page should achieve a subtle balance between providing useful information yet with concise enough text so that it isn’t burdensome to the user to make the simple decision you want them  to make.

If your landing page is too long and answers too many of your audience’s questions, this will leave them less reason to contact you or leave their contact details. Plus, too long of a landing page is too distracting, and often leads users to get lost in ideas and intent. Therefore, it’s best to keep the page concise and to the point, putting first and foremost its main purpose – to generate leads.

However, a landing page that is too short can end up being overlooked by Google. This will result in fewer visitors coming via  the search engine. The thing is that short landing pages often don’t have enough content for proper indexing. Also, too little content may not have enough information for visitors to contact your company.

Therefore, you need a landing page that is going to be the perfect balance between the two iterations  described above. It’s best to work closely with your UI/UX design agency so that you can tell them what you want precisely, and they can convey their vision of the problem to you. For example, try to avoid including an FAQ section on your loading page. As it will most likely provide too many details and too much information regarding your offer and, thus, will not leave the visitor with the need for finding out more. This means visitors will not feel any need to contact you.

The Landing Page Goal

In a nutshell, your landing page has to provide your prospective customers with a reason to contact you. You want them to realize the advantage of contacting you – you will provide them with answers. 

One particular thing you should understand and remember is that your audience can go through all the information required for them to decide on whether they should or should not contact you. In other words, once again, you have to always focus on the benefits of dealing with you. Therefore, when discussing your landing page concept with the UI design agency, make sure these things are included in the page’s headline, sub-headlines, bullet points, etc.

Your company’s landing page isn’t meant to make sales. It meant to generate quality leads. Try to avoid mentioning prices or trying to bully your prospects into making a deal with you. It would help if you encouraged them to get in touch with you so that you can make a better bond with them. By getting to know your potential customers and letting them get to know you better, you significantly increase the chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

Therefore, focus on providing your prospects with the biggest advantages your company provides. Ask them to leave their contact details or provide them with your contact information so that they can get in touch with you. You can even do both. The ultimate goal of your landing page is making personal contact with your leads. If you want to boost your web conversion rates, trust both your gut and the UI/UX design agency you’re working with when designing the landing page. Doing so will help generate consistent and quality leads.