Why You Need to Grow Your Business With the 30 Day Challenge

Why You Need to Grow Your Business With the 30 Day Challenge

You set up a sales funnel for your small business. But the sales funnel conversion rates you’re receiving aren’t anywhere near what you’re foreseeing.

While this can be infuriating, the truth is that sales funnels aren’t designed equal. The difference between those with a high conversion rate and those that don’t isn’t just in the framework, but it is the strategies your business implement within the funnels.

By improving your sales funnel, you can push revenue growth by driving a larger number of potential customers through each step, thus making your marketing efforts do more and work harder.

Not only that, but the better you understand what sales are, how they work, and how to optimize yours, the easier you’ll find converting new leads into paying and later loyal customers.

What is ClickFunnels, and how can it scale my business? 

There are over 90.000 individuals relying on ClickFunnels right now. That’s a great deal of the entrepreneur world. Right now, if you’ve never started a business, never build a funnel, or never even sold someone on anything, you can start your journey through One Funnel Away Challenge and get the tools you need to start making your vision a reality. But before throwing yourself into a 30-Day Challenge, understanding what ClickFunnels is and how it works is imperative for the success of your business. Drip Digital’s review of the 30 Day Challenge by ClickFunnels can help you better understand the difference between failure and success when it comes to sales funnels.  

So if you’re starting from zero or part-time job, or just a job that you don’t fancy and plan on getting out eventually, ClickFunnels is the first step down a road with potential financial freedom unlike any other business in the world. The best thing about ClickFunnels is that you will have the opportunity to start out wherever you are in your business and change your life.

Why ClickFunnels? Of all the opportunities out there to build a business and start making money, nowhere offers you the promise in diversity that ClickFunnels can provide you in one place. It gives you the power to enhance what you’re already doing through the use of ClickFunnels, develop better skills and ideas through training, or begin making a basic income to fuel the fires that mature inside of you. These options are available with ClickFunnels and other numerous services and products provided by Russell Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels and his team.

Indeed, countless people have a plan or a business or an idea that they want to implement and make it a reality. However, only a few entrepreneurs actually succeed in taking their visions and making them into something that can actually be moulded and shaped into a successful business. But what’s delaying all of the would-be entrepreneurs in the world?

The answer is mostly guidance. But that’s where ClickFunnels intervenes. Whether the new generation of entrepreneurs requires mentorships, education, software or startup materials, most of them need something that helps them build out what they’ve actually envisioned. But while ClickFunnels can’t help them with the actual idea or the material needed, it provides the right software and training for them.

When they choose to take action with One Funnel Away Challenge, it means they can use the ClickFunnels builder, affiliate management buddy, email marketing tool, and funnel video platform. It’s the exact help they need to become an expert in sales psychology and deliver that promise without packing a whole bunch of treats under the hood.

How One Funnel Away Challenge Works?

The OFA challenge is a 30-day, well-planned program that runs small, new and future entrepreneurs through absolutely everything they need to know about how to build profitable sales funnels.

Contrary to what you might have heard, the 30-day OFA challenge is not self-paced. During this program, you will be challenged and expected to maintain the same flow throughout your “missions” and homework every day. The content and delivery you’ll encounter in the OFA challenge feature plenty of valuable resources from:

  • Video missions
  • Bonus training
  • Life coaching
  • Interviews with ex OFA challenge winners
  • Gradually instructions on how to build the different types of funnels are there
  • How to create a better offer if you don’t have one right now
  • A huge community of other beginners and veteran funnel builder to rely on as you go through the OFA challenge

The whole idea was to help entrepreneurs reach their money goals without having to rely on hundreds of funnels—people were used to thinking that setting up a funnel or driving traffic is just impossible. But the truth is that the offer does half the work while the Funnel does the other half.

It’s as simple as it sounds. With a steady offer and consistent traffic, you just need one successful Funnel to convert potential customers into buyers. And that’s the gist behind One Funnel Away.

With that said, if you plan to be lucrative with funnels, the 30-Day Challenge should then give you anything you need to know to make a smart financial decision. And, since it’s more powerful than other programs, it allows you to emerge with so much more than just functional knowledge. It gives you access to continuous training, support, practice, theory, and structured framework to develop and launch your Funnel. And, the bonuses within the Challenge program are insanely valuable.

Even if you choose never to retake the challenge, you will earn useful details and insight into how to build a profitable Funnel from world-distinguished entrepreneurs. What’s more, is that the lessons and experience you’ll gain in the One Funnel Away Challenge will end up changing everything about how you do business. This will change your very mind and what it takes to develop a thriving online business.