4 New Hobbies to Pick Up This Summer

4 New Hobbies to Pick Up This Summer

There are plenty of opportunities to make yourself happier and for keep motivated, and picking up a new hobby is a great place to start. Committing to the same routine day after day can become mundane and boring, but spicing it up a bit by learning something new or moving your body more will help to improve your mental health. Here are 5 new hobbies that you can pick up this summer.


Taking up a new sport as a hobby is a great way to engage your mind and body, and it can be done through physically participating in a sport, to learning about and watching a game that you have never been introduced to. There are many benefits to being physically active by taking up a new sport like running or football, such as decreased risks of life-threatening diseases and improved neurological benefits. Alternatively, watching sport, such as live Premier League matches is another great hobby to get into this summer as it’s extremely exciting, especially as we approach the last few games of the season with everything still to play for.


What better or more relaxing hobby is there than reading? This is the ultimate activity that can let your mind drift away and it can be done anywhere from your home to a sunny beach or even in the car. If you have particularly bad memories of being made to read a boring book in school, in silence, then don’t let that put you off because there are hundreds of novels out there that can help turn reading into a new-found hobby. It’s never too late to start reading and you’ll become a better communicator because of it.


Gardening is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space while doing something productive and relaxing. As with reading, gardening has little start-up costs since all you will need to begin are a few seeds, water, and some soil. This is how most gardeners start out but as you get more and more fascinated with the activity you can look to start buying equipment, such as a hand shovel, small rake, watering can and perhaps a spade. There is a long list of benefits to gardening such as improved strength and memory, reduced stress, and boosted mood.

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming can be considered a sport; however, it is really not competitive and requires a more adventurous mind to get started. There are many wild swimming locations all over the UK, but feel free to find a secluded spot of your own. Before taking the plunge, be aware that the water will be cold no matter what the season, so plan a nice long walk to the location or come prepared with plenty of layers to warm you up. Then, dive in, but don’t get scared too fast because the shock of the cold water won’t last for long, and it has many benefits for your body.

Picking up a new hobby is always a good idea and helps you to keep evolving and become a more interesting person. Nevertheless, ensure that the hobby you choose is right for you and is something you could really see yourself getting into.