Startup Tips: When Is the Right Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

Startup Tips: When Is the Right Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

Sailing a startup to success is the pipedream of many an ambitious entrepreneur, and it’s totally possible with the right help and a keen eye for financial management.

Even the hardest working business prodigy can’t do everything by themselves, at least, when the company begins to take off, that is.

Knowing when to hire is a great skill, but it can be hard to master, not to mention costly. Outsourcing might be the best way to go from time to time, particularly for a small team that needs to give their marketing efforts a boost, but when exactly is the right time to go for it?

If You Need a Specialized Solution

To prevent having to hire an in-house marketing team that might take a while to onboard and get used to your company, outsourcing to a well-established and highly experienced company could be a quicker, and in the long run, cheaper endeavor.

Many great options even allow you to hire entire teams comprised of elite roles like the fractional CMO, which may have been a financial impossibility in the in-house capacity.

If you need specialized solutions and need them quickly, outsourcing might be a good option.

If You Can’t Afford an Essential Team Member

Dealing with wages as a startup will likely be one of your biggest financial necessities. If you cannot afford the wages of an essential team member, you are missing out on a huge aspect of business.

Say you wanted to branch out and improve your company’s search engine rankings, hiring an in-house SEO expert can be exceptionally expensive, especially when you could hire an external company to create a campaign for you.

If You Can’t Take on the Responsibility

If you happen to be struggling with doing your own marketing while you simultaneously try and run a startup by yourself, outsourcing could save you from burning out.

It can be a good feeling to hear the words, “We’ll take care of it,” when your schedule is absolutely overflowing.

If You Need Help with a Project

Say you needed to market a new product but did not have the workforce availability to take care of the development phase and the campaign, there is little point struggling and delaying the project when you could outsource.

It might seem hilariously expensive at first, but it can be a superb alternative to going through the hiring process or struggling along with a skeleton crew. Plus, you can get your hands on a wealth of experience in many cases.

If You Need Advice

Sometimes, a little advice from an experienced professional can go a long way. Many companies will offer a free consultation or conduct an audit for you before you take them on, so it’s probably worth taking advantage of that and seeing for yourself just how helpful they can be.

If You Need to Prioritize Your Time Elsewhere

Marketing is essential, but so are many, many other aspects of a successful business, so if you need to prioritize other areas, now could be the ideal time to outsource.