4 Reasons Why Quality Link Building is the Top Marketing Method Around

4 Reasons Why Quality Link Building is the Top Marketing Method Around

Fashions and fads come and go in the ever-changing and developing world of online marketing but link building never fails to feature at the top of the ‘must-do’ list. Of course, this means good quality link building only, as when done badly it will easily become the worst thing you ever did, and cause problems that could be impossible to overcome.

That’s a pretty strong opinion, but we don’t just talk the talk.  Here we look at just four of the many reasons how and why excellent link building is an invaluable addition to your marketing toolbox, which should be enough information for you to make your own mind up on how you plan to integrate link building into your plans.

Great link building means:

#1 – Search engines like Google consider your sources to be value-adding

Relevance is where it’s at. Search engines have only milliseconds to comprehend a request, set search parameters, and return the most relevant results, so the easier you make it for giants like Google to scan and identify the things they consider make your site useful the more chance you have of being featured. Having the right number of (quality) links plays a huge part here.

#2 – Good link building boosts ranking

Getting featured on the first few pages of Google, or other major search engines, is the holy grail for many, so putting the effort into shaping your site with this in mind makes perfect sense. This is definitely an area of life where effort pays off. Of course, link building is not the only way a search engine measures a site’s worth, but it’s a crucial foundation for any other SEO technique to add further value.

#3 – Excellent links attract relevant traffic

Attention is great, but it’s pretty pointless if the audience you are attracting are not the browsers or potential buyers you cater to. Relevant traffic is what matters, and that’s what good quality link building can help deliver.

#4 – A range of great links is helpful

Overall it’s better to have fewer links and make sure each one is extremely value-adding and unique,  rather than have more links which may be decent but all hail from the same one or two sources.

What does a quality link look like?

In a nutshell, worthwhile links are: unique, have 100% original content, contains directly relevant information, are alive and kicking, and are from a respected source.  Think of it another way – say you are at work and want to impress the new boss to help secure a promotion.

Would you emphasise strong connections between yourself and colleagues who arrive late and leave early, contribute little or nothing to planning meetings, and basically have nothing of value to say, then expect to be taken seriously?

One of the easiest ways to guarantee you stay ahead of your competitors is to make use of the services offered by a well established and respected link building company. This is a crucial aspect of marketing, as to be useful everything that follows depends on your site being deemed worthy by the Google Gods.