5 Unused & Extremely Effective Social Media Apps To Promote A New Blog

5 Unused & Extremely Effective Social Media Apps To Promote A New Blog

Congratulations are in order since you managed to do enough market research to come up with a refreshing idea for a blog. However, turning your idea into an actual website is barely half of the way to success. You also need a marketing strategy to announce the big opening of your new blog.

Thanks to the Internet that turns any impossible idea into a possible one, there are many channels where you can promote your website. However, today we’ll see what are the 5 lesser used social media apps but which are still extremely effective to promote a new blog.

#1: SlideShare

Everybody talks about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the SlideShare platform is the most underutilized social app that can bring a great impact to any business. So SlideShare is less likely to host your competition since it is highly neglected which can grant you the voice of authority in your field. Moreover, there are 60 million unique visitors there which make SlideShare a source of a powerful target audience.

As long as the presentations have a thick body of useful information, then the chances of visibility are extremely high. The SlideShare appeal targets the audience that wants to learn practical methods, mostly for business, and seeks quality content.

The best way to make the most of this social media app is to get your presentation featured on their homepage. The outreach for your new blog will get over the roof, and everybody can apply Slideshare’s guidelines to streamline their presentations for the chance to be among the daily handpicked sources of information.

#2: BuzzSumo

Influencer marketing is the new modern promotional method and some experts believe that it can surpass the efficiency of other traditional marketing strategies. The idea behind it is simple – an influencer is a person of authority in a certain field whom an entire community listens. If one influencer in your domain recommends your new blog, it will open the door for their community straight to your website.

BuzzSumo is a social media app that helps you identify the influencers in your field. Once you connect with them and form a bond with them, you can negotiate and promote your new blog. Usually, if the website already brings value and quality content, the negotiations have higher chances of success.

#3: StumbleUpon

This social media app makes it easy for your target audience to find your new blog. Based on their history of preferences, this platform searches among its 35 million users and connects the right content with the right people that are interested in the field.

The secret of using StumbleUpon effectively is to make a habit out of it. Every time you create a new article, you should immediately post it on StumbleUpon too, among other popular social platforms. However, the frequent content updates are not enough.

StumbleUpon doesn’t work in just one direction. You should contribute yourself to the evolution of this platform with daily activities. The platform nurtures engagement like any other social website and rewards it. It is recommended to like and add pages that are relevant to your domain, and StumbleUpon will repay your work by channeling more traffic to your own pages. It basically functions on the “help me to help you” notion of reciprocity.

#4: Snapchat

Among the many social media apps for texting, Snapchat is the only one that connects the audience with the blog in a more personal way. The reason for this is that this platform is closer to real conversations where silly or eccentric messages are exchanged and then forgotten. Snapchat lets the posts be published for a limited time of ten seconds, and then they are eliminated to erase any proof of their existence.

This means great news for the promotion of a new blog. The presence of an expiration date gives you the freedom to experiment with any extravagant promotional technique that will not be saved for later criticism. Authenticity and originality are highly rewarded here, while the discreet and safe approaches to the promotional content applied to other social apps are discredited.

Moreover, Snapchat has a ton of filters and emojis that refresh any monotonous photo or video. The funny lenses can provide an eye-catching effect to your posts, while the emojis can be used directly in videos. Even though your new blog has more of a professional and serious approach, there’s nothing wrong with loosening up the rigid topics with some fun promotional methods.

#5: Reddit

Reddit is the hub of shared news and entertainment sources. It looks like a huge forum website, but it’s so much more than that. Reddit is a social community where the moderators are doing a fine job cleaning the quality content from all the spammy behaviors that break the rules. The marketing teams have long given up trying to bypass the Reddit system, so the community is free of obnoxious marketing campaigns.

This also means great news for your new blog. A new blogging website is a perfect addition to an audience that is constantly hungry for new information. So, as long as your posts bring value to the community, there is nothing wrong with talking about your blog within the limits of common sense.

The first step after you enter the Reddit world is to find the ideal subreddits for your blog. It is recommended to create a list of specific subreddits and avoid the channels where your posts and comments get buried among thousands.

One more thing to pay attention to is that you must score a number of points before being able to make a post directly on a subreddit. To do that, you should follow interesting topics and reply to them with useful and insightful comments. The users that find your input valuable will upvote the comment and you earn comment karma.

Once the number of points is increased, you can contribute to the value of the community with interesting posts that address an issue or solve a problem. You can even ask the opinion of professional designers about your new blog layout or simply track down the threads that tackle your topics.


These 5 social media apps are without a doubt widely used on a daily basis. However, they are less-targeted by marketing campaigns which opens the door for your new blog to fertile grounds of promotional techniques. Why not take advantage?