Who Is Your Audience?

Grow Your Blog: 7 Easy-Peasy Steps to Boost Traffic for Your Business Blog

Did you know that there are around 400 million blogs from Tumblr alone?

That means starting your blog can become an ordeal. It’s an uphill battle to stay visible and relevant. You must compete with a lot of other blogs for traffic, especially those with already established reputations. 

Learning how to grow your blog can sound like a Sisyphean task if you don’t have prior blogging experience.

But don’t give up hope!

We’re here to help. We compiled some of the most effective ways for you to get traffic to your blog. Read on and find out more.

1. Strategize Your Content

When learning how to grow your blog, your first move is to work towards making better content. You hear the phrase “content is king” a lot. But it isn’t only about improving the quality—it’s also about strategic content marketing.

To make your content more successful, it needs to satisfy a certain need. That means you need to think about the things your audience love. These days, content can either be cool and funny or educational and useful.

Choose either category and you’ll find a higher rate of success. If you’re running out of ideas, try checking out websites where people in your industry can ask questions. For example, if you’re trying to promote Apple products, you can write a guide on how to delete apps on the Mac.

2. Keywords are Your Best Allies

Driving a lot of traffic to your blog means making SEO and keywords an integral part of your strategy. A lot of beginners are nervous when doing these things. It’s wonderful when done correctly since Google gives you targeted traffic and your content will get the right audience.

But like all things, SEO is only effective when done in moderation. You can use keywords in your context text, but you can’t saturate your content with it. You can let the keywords dictate your post concept, but you can’t put it above the user experience.

Everyone gives Google billions of searches every day. To get your fair share, you need to capitalize on keywords. To stand a chance in competing against larger blogs, long-tail keywords instead.

3. How to Grow Your Blog with the Right Audience

When promoting your blog, it’s important to focus on a specific platform. It’s good to influence a wide range of social media platforms. The drawback is that you’ll burn out trying to excel on all of them.

A good way to start is to try everything out and see which one works best. Do you aim to cater to the nerd culture? If so, you’re bound to find the right subreddit where you can make it big.

You can also use Google Analytics to look for the websites with the most referral traffic. Check which forums and websites your intended audience visits. Once found, start engaging with the community whenever it’s appropriate.

The key is to be genuine since pushing your promotions too hard can get you marked as spam. You must become a precious community member sharing meritorious content. Achieving it is simple, as long as you’re well-versed in your topics.

4. Optimize for Mobile Devices and Speed

Visitors won’t waste their time waiting for your blog to load. If it doesn’t come up quickly, they’ll most likely go back to Google and find a better website that can. Speed is an important part of determining your blog’s rank in the search engine.

To check your website speed, use the Page Speed Insights tool by Google. It will give your website’s accurate speed score. The best part is the tool can also give you some tips to make your site faster.

Aside from speed, you need to think about your mobile device users. Most people spend around 3 hours a day on their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. If you want to expand your reach, consider optimizing for mobile.

5. Establish Good Relationships with Other Blogs

If you want to build your blog, do your best to be in cordial terms with other bloggers. It’s simple enough since you can comment on their blogs. You can interview them or mention their blog on your next post, whichever is appropriate.

As soon as you include them in your post, tag them in your tweets. This notifies them and might make them retweet it and share it. This brings you more traffic since their followers will be curious enough to know more about your blog.

6. Improve Your Visuals to Get Traffic to Your Blog

The average time for a person to make an opinion about your website is 0.05 seconds. Within that duration, it’s unlikely for them to read a lot of your content. But that means they’re judging your website based on its design.

This means you need to improve your blog’s visual elements. Start using relevant charts and screenshots, as long as they add more value to your post. To summarize your points, use infographics.

Avoid using irrelevant stock photos, especially ugly ones. This won’t contribute to making your brand more distinct. It will instead distract your users and make their experience worse.

7. Read What You Write

A good way to boost blog traffic is to work on your old posts. Reading your old posts will help you find grammar mistakes. Blog posts will often have typos, regardless of the number of edits you do to it.

It also helps you rewrite the titles and the sub-headlines. Always look whether these contain the keywords you’re targeting. Make sure it’s interesting enough to captivate a potential reader’s attention.

Once you make it a habit, you’ll find ways to repurpose your old content. That allows you to present it using a fresher perspective. This results in follow-ups that generate more user engagement.

Improve Your Blog Today!

Learning how to grow your blog isn’t an insurmountable task with these steps in tow. They’re simple enough to follow, even if you don’t have a lot of blogging experience. Among these, always remember that quality and user experience matter most.

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