5 Ways to Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

5 Ways to Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

Your business is your baby. You do your best to make sure everything runs like a fine-tuned clock. However, expecting everything to run on time, exactly how you want it to can be a tall order when it comes to your employees. With so many different personalities and schedules, it can feel nearly impossible to get the type of productivity you’re looking for. Following these five simple tips for increasing your employee’s productivity may help you get your business running exactly how you want it to.

Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees could be hurting your business’s productivity. However, engaged employees often work harder, stay longer, and are overall more satisfied in their job. So how do you get your employees to become more engaged? A satisfied employee is an engaged employee. You can satisfy your employees and increase their engagement levels by making a few changes around the office. Listening and validating your employees’ ideas goes a long way when it comes to employee satisfaction. Communication is one of the top ways to increase job satisfaction along with allowing for autonomy, stress-relieving activities, and proper training.


Communication is essential to have in your business. Communication allows employees to foster ideas that could increase productivity in the long run. Thankfully, there are lots of tools that help your business and having apps like Slack and Twist allow your employees to communicate and collaborate along with allowing file sharing, so the workflow is seamless. With the free flow of ideas and the ability to talk to others about those ideas, you’re fostering a work environment that gets your employees engaged and excited about their work and what they’re doing for your business. Also, keeping your employees focused on future improvements rather than lingering on past mistakes helps your employees continue to engage in forward thinking and not feel run down by what went wrong. Effective and efficient communication is necessary if you want your employees to be more productive.


If you’re obsessed with being involved in every single detail of your business, you could be hurting your employee’s productivity. While your business is important to you, the best thing for you to do to make sure productivity is optimized is to take a deep breath and take a step back. Allowing your employees to do what you hired them to do will enable them to know that you trust them to turn in their work on time and do their job. No one works well when someone is always looking over their shoulder.

Autonomy in the workplace is another crucial ingredient for engaged, satisfied, productive employees. Allowing your employees to do their job without being micromanaged increases trust in the workplace. You want your employees to trust you, and you want to trust them. So, step back and watch your employees productivity increase.


An unsure employee is a less productive, untrained employee. Making sure your employees have the proper training for their job is another key to being an engaged and satisfied employee. You don’t need to train every employee yourself but making sure you choose people who can train new hires well and have effective communication and trust among your employees create an environment where your employees can get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Not only that but offering ways for employees to further their skill set and continue to learn also adds to their overall satisfaction in the workplace and makes them more engaged. When an employee learns something new, they are likely to use their newfound knowledge in the workplace to make their work easier and of course that increased productivity.

Manage Your Employees’ Stress Levels

Last but not least, if you have stressed out employees, then you have less productive employees. Stress causes your employees to over think or shut down. It reduces the flow of ideas and creativity. So, what do you do about stressed-out employees? When your employees begin to feel stressed out, it is important to have a way for them to blow off steam. While some businesses incorporate ways their employees can play games like poker games, football or ping pong, others offer an area to relax and read or simply take a nap.

Having an area in the office dedicated to giving your employees a break from deadlines, and their workload allows them to de-stress, think clearly, and work around a problem they may be having with a project their working on. All work and no play can have a detrimental impact on your business’s productivity, so incorporating some stress relieving activities will make a big difference.

Following these simple tips will help your business reach your productivity goals in no time. Just remember that an engaged employee is a productive employee. So, making sure your employees are engaged in their work and feel satisfied with their job will help make your business productive overall.