8 Proven Techniques to Optimize Your FBA business

8 Proven Techniques to Optimize Your FBA business

Amazon is not an online buying selling platform anymore. It has become a huge global market that provides favorable investment opportunities. Fulfillment by Amazon FBA is one such venture that is offering e-commerce sellers across the globe chance to earn money. You can take your local business to an international scale by joining FBABEE service. It is also a lot more convenient from the consumer’s perspective with fast shipping and better customer service.

There is massive competition in the FBA market with a large number of new investors trying to enter. You have to make your presence felt by projecting yourself in front of the customers effectively. Knowing the right FBA optimization techniques will help your business reach new heights. In this blog, we will discuss the different ways to optimize your FBA product listing on Amazon.

Use an Optimized Title:

Amazon offers you a limit of 250 characters and 50 words for the title of your product. Making full use of it is essential. The optimization of your title will depend on its compatibility with Amazon’s algorithms. But that does not mean that you should completely ignore the readability of your title for the audience. Your title should depict information about the product and should be understandable for the people.

You should add something in the title that differentiates your product from others. It can be a unique quality of your product or a distinguishable name. Addition of high rated targeted keywords in the title is also vital for optimization. Make sure that the keywords that you select are relevant to the niche of your product.

Choose Appropriate Images:

As visuals have a great influence on humans, it is important to make the most of your product images. The product photos are your first impression on the viewer, and you want it to be a good one. Get a professional photographer to take high-quality images of the product so that the customers can have a clear look.

Make sure that your images are 1000px wide with 500px height to prevent the formation of pixels or zooming. Show the product from all sides with both zoomed in and zoomed out images. You can upload 9 images including the main image on your FBA business. You should use the main image with a plain background with no watermarks. Including lifestyle images with the usage of the product is a good idea. You can also use infographics to highlight the key features of the product.

Enlist All the Product Features:

You should mention every detail of your product in the feature’s list. You can write 1000 characters and 250 words in product features. It is advisable to use the maximum limit to include as much as you can. It is important to mention the most impressive features on top to grab the attention of the audience. You should think from the customer’s point of view to write down the most attractive features for your product.

Set Competitive Prices:

Charging lesser prices as compared to your competitors can also help optimize your product listing. You should inspect the general rates charged by the sellers of your niche. Set your product prices lesser to get a better conversion rate from the audience. More people ordering your product means getting popular in Amazon’s algorithm. This way, you will have a better probability of getting to Amazon’s first page.

Select Suitable Category:

While you are editing your product listing, you have to classify your item type. The category can have a huge impact on your business. If you fall in a popular category, you will get more sales and vice versa. Make sure that the category you choose is appropriate for your product. You can search out how your competitors are categorized and analyze their revenues to form a correlation. Selecting the category of your niche with greater revenues is the right way to go.

Write Concrete Product Description:

Amazon offers a 2000 character and 300-word limit for product descriptions which is good enough to summarize your product details. Remember that product description is supposed to explain the features of the product in a nutshell so be concise. Use simple vocabulary and a storytelling approach to make it understandable for the reader.

You should be focused on the information about your product rather than praising it. If you want to boast, mention the reasons that make your product stand out. Including targeted keywords in the product description is pivotal for the optimization of your product listing. Make sure to use simpler keywords and avoid overstuffing.

Post Real Reviews:

Reviews are a great source to gauge a business’s credibility, and the same is the case for Amazon FBA. As a beginner on Amazon FBA, you might get tempted to go for bogus reviews but never do so. Recently, Amazon has changed its policy related to customer reviews leaving no room for fake ones. If you wish to show a positive image of your business to the audience, only rely on organic reviews.

There are ways to improve your customer service that can yield organic reviews. For example, you can send automated emails to customers keeping them informed about the delivery of their order. Investing in quality assurance and reviewing samples will actually make your product good yielding genuine positive reviews.

Choose Keywords Wisely:

Using keywords is a proven optimization technique and can be helpful for your FBA business as well. First of all, you should know the right keywords for ranking your product. You can use different tools to search highly ranked keywords of your niche. Incorporate these keywords in your product listing to improve visibility.

You can also add relevant keywords to your search terms field and product URL. Amazon PPC will help you get better traffic on your keywords.


From a beginner to a seasoned Amazon seller, having an optimized product listing is vital for everyone. If you know the appropriate mechanism, your product listing can appear on Amazon’s first page. Following the above guidelines will help you optimize your FBA business.