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How Are Workers’ Comp Packages and Settlements Calculated?

Every business owner wants to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. But still, in 2019, industry employers reported 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance provides financial compensation to employees that experience work-related injuries or contract an occupational illness. The responsibility […]

How to grow your web traffic with a blog?

In this hyper-marketing era, a convincing piece of writing is all you need to establish your authority. It is equally essential for business owners to empower their prospects and keep them coming repeatedly. Also known as blogging, it is a practice to impact the organic popularity of a brand positively. Hubspot reveals that marketers who […]

Getting Started with Tableau

Tableau Software is a powerful data visualization tool that has gained popularity in the BI industry. It is used to transform raw sets of data into a format that is easily understandable. It is also used for managing metadata. The good news is that you require zero technical skills and coding knowledge in order to […]

4 Tips for Creating Effective Ecommerce Content

As the ecommerce industry continues to grow, online retailers will need to be aggressive in terms of generating more traffic and getting more sales. When it comes down to these targets, ecommerce businesses will need to rely on creating great content that caters to their audiences. It goes without question that content is king in […]

What Is Business Workflow & How To Use It

Having a well-defined and clear workflow is one of the secrets in having a successful business, but what is a business workflow? In this guide, we will discuss “what is business workflow,” how to make one, and how to use it to improve your business. What Is a Business Workflow? While we can use all […]

6 Biggest Threats and Dangers Online Entrepreneurs Face

Doing business, no matter what it is, doesn’t come without risks—especially when selling online. While the internet has broken barriers for entrepreneurs, it also opens doors to different dangers that can arise when they least expect it. For those who want to test the waters online, knowing what these dangers are from the get-go will […]

Company Data-Stealing Chinese VPNs You Should Watch Out For

There isn’t a doubt that the demand for VPN services has increased tremendously for reasons such as secure and private internet browsing. VPNs also enable companies to access locations with restrictions on server access. However, unknown to most companies and VPN users, some VPNs out there (mostly free ones) are already compromised by their manufacturers. […]