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7 Social Media Video Advertising Tips for Digital Marketers

Believe it or not, 60% of firms are currently actively employing social media videos for digital marketing, as per a recent research report.  Therefore, there is a good likelihood that your rivals are using social media video advertising already — to market their goods, promote their business, and increase traffic to websites. Why shouldn’t you […]

Employee Engagement As A Marketing Tool: 6 Things To Know

Did you know that employee engagement is a marketing tool? It’s true! Employee engagement measures how connected employees feel to their work and their company. By keeping your employees happy, you can keep them motivated to do their best work and help promote your company in a positive light.  To give you further information, here […]

What Exactly Is Cloud?

Modern software provides many opportunities for both managing workflows and organizing personal digital space. Imagine what would happen if you had to install all the programs on your computer. What processor power and how much memory for your tasks would you need? Thanks to the labs cloud, you can use the software as well as […]

How Do Solar Panels Work? A Beginners Guide to Solar

Did you know that the effectiveness of solar panels has to do with orientation and placement? There’s so much to learn about solar panels that many don’t know. How do solar panels work, and are they worth it? It can be overwhelming to decide this, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out this beginner’s […]

5 Steps to Build Your First-Party Data Strategy

Google reveals that 89% of successful businesses say anticipating customers’ needs and providing assistive experience along the customer journey is crucial for growth. It further states that 92% of leading marketers believe using first-party data continuously will help businesses understand what customers want.  Today, many thriving organizations don’t build their brands based on guesswork but […]

Why Computer Storage Should be Your Main Concern

Computers are ubiquitous these days. Most of us have at least two that we use on a daily basis: a work computer as well as a personal computer. Not to mention, of course, our mobile devices all serve as tiny (or not-so-tiny) handheld computers for use wherever and whenever we choose. However, what’s sitting behind […]