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Five Advanced Techniques To Boost eCommerce Sales In 2020

The eCommerce market is as big as ever. With retail eCommerce sales amounting to 3.53 trillion U.S. Dollars and e-retail revenues expected to grow to 6.54 trillion U.S. dollars by 2022, the market is showing no signs of slowing down. The number of retailers offering products online is growing at an extremely fast rate which […]

Google Reviews: 4 Ways To Manage Online Customer Engagement For The Benefit Of Your Business

Customer experience goes far beyond the buying process and sales journey because customers expect that products and services should always meet their needs and wants. For marketers, online customer engagement is one way to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level, greatly benefiting the business. Online customer engagement refers to all efforts and strategies applied […]

4 Tips For PPC Competitor Analysis

Assessing how the competition is handling its PPC (pay per click) advertising endeavours can lead to more success in your own campaigns, but how can you go about this without making a whole heap of extra work for yourself? These tips will set you on the right path to optimal PPC competitor analysis. Choose the […]

Tips To Help You Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is the perfect outlet for getting in touch with your target market. Consumers are spending a lot of time on these channels. They want to interact with, and learn more about, their favorite brands through these mediums. You may be on social media currently, but maybe you’re not taking advantage of all it […]

Ultimate Content Marketing Strategies for Startups

When you first launch your business, developing a solid plan for content marketing probably seems overwhelming. With all the other hats you need to wear as the owner of a startup, it’s hard to imagine finding time to focus on content marketing. After all, a solid internet marketing strategy involves more than just creating blog […]

What to Look For In Web Hosting Reviews

Web hosting sites can be a tough minefield to navigate if you’re looking for consistent, reliable and safe hosting for your site, whether it’s for business, personal use or just as a temporary project. Understanding the kinds of things that actually matter in terms of hosting is incredibly important since even a small error could […]

How to Ensure You Hire the Right Person

Poor hiring decisions can be catastrophic to morale and teamwork. To make sure you hire the best possible candidate, you need to do more than pick the best resume. Hiring managers need to take the following steps to ensure the best possible outcome when hiring a new employee. Review resumes carefully and identify any potential […]