Case Study How 50 Digital Marketers Drive Traffic To Their Websites

Case Study: How 50 Digital Marketers Drive Traffic To Their Websites

Website traffic generation is one of the most vital parts to the success of any given website. I mean, without much traffic, a website is almost impossible to grow and expand let alone reach the goal target of passive/active income. But don’t worry, nowadays it’s not that hard to find people interested in your website and then send them to it. To show you a few examples (actually much more than a few), I have interviewed 50 digital marketers for their best way/ways of driving traffic to their websites. Here’s what they had to say.

What You’ll Learn

  • How 50 digital marketers drive traffic to their websites – each one has shared their top traffic generation strategy.
  • Which traffic generation strategies are used the most – many of these digital marketers employ the same techniques and in this section we will rank the most popular ones so you can easily see what works best.
  • Quick update to the traffic generation of this website – where does most of the traffic come from? Plus a few screenshots of the traffic over a recent period of time.

How 50 Digital Marketers Drive Traffic To Their Websites

So I used HARO (our guide to this amazing tool) and I asked a very simple question – “What is/are the best way/ways you drive traffic to your website?”. Here’s how 50 fellow digital marketers responded.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #1: Online Communities

Rob Boston, President of Risr Marketing & Growth Solutions, said:

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to seek out and engage your audience’s online communities. People like to congregate in digital spaces where shared interests are prevalent, and you can drive a ton of brand exposure (and website traffic) by finding out where your targets are clustered and targeting them there via organic and paid interaction.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #2: The Power Of Pinterest

Louise Hendon, Co-Founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine, said:

We drive traffic from Pinterest to our website by creating engaging and informative images. We try to make sure all of our posts include one longer Pinterest-geared image. Some of them might be infographics (to accompany articles) while others might be photos of food (to accompany recipes and food posts).

We’ve found that images accompanying articles (often with the title of the article on them) typically get the highest click-through rates on Pinterest and infographics get shared a lot so they can spread very quickly.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #3: Be Relevant

James Pollard, a Marketing Consultant at, said:

Make your content relevant to a specific audience and target the content towards that specific audience. For example, if you have a piece of content written for physicians, promote it on Facebook with an ad targeting just physicians. Not only will this strategy help people with their content, but it’s more likely to be shared among relevant group members.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #4: Sharing is Caring

Ellie Heintze, CEO at Simplify Your Practice, said:

One of the top ways to drive traffic to your site is to share your stuff! You spent all this time creating content so now is the time to share it. By sharing your posts on all the social media outlets it not only gets it in front of more people but also directs traffic back to your site.

This helps to boost SEO and brand awareness. Don’t feel overwhelmed about how much time it could take to publish on social media. Use programs out there that can integrate with your website and automates your posts. Make is simple, make it consistent to drive traffic to your site.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #5: Become Friends With SEO

Lindsey Havens, the Senior Marketing Manager at PhishLabs, said:

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to your website is by making your website SEO friendly. Don’t overthink it. Just create a basic template for all of your posts and pages. An easy way to optimize your on-site content is to choose titles that are both clear and concise.

Images are an important aspect of your site as well. Make sure to optimize the images on your site by adding descriptions to all your image files and giving each one targeted keywords. Try to look at other sites that have catchy titles such as the one’s found on BuzzFeed. They can give you ideas for future content and examples of SEO friendly titles.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #6: Consistent Content Creation

Kenneth Burke, the Marketing Director at Text Request, said:

We drive traffic through consistent and quality content. We do a little bit of keyword research to see what people are searching for (and how it relates to our brand), and then we provide answers for those questions.

That content also earns backlinks and referrals, which helps drive traffic, too. We’ve been releasing new quality content every 2 weeks, and we’ve seen our blog traffic increase 30+% each month! When you provide great answers to common questions through copy and imagery, you will drive traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #7: Facebook Video Ads

Damon Gochneaur, Founder of Aspiro Agency, said:

There is no better way to drive traffic to your website right now than video ads on Facebook. Using nothing more than videos made up of slideshows and closed captioning, then targeting your specific demographic segment, businesses can drive highly targeted, conversion focused traffic, more affordably than any time in the history of the web.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #8: Clickbait

Jarod Spiewak, Owner & Lead SEO at Spiewak Marketing, said:

We’re in an era of content overload. Everyone has a blog, podcast, email list, etc. Marketing is not about fitting in, it’s about standing out. You need to gain the attention of people. One common way of doing this is click bait. While everyone takes their own moral approach, as long as the title is relevant to the content, I say fair game.

A controversial topic to some SEOs are PBNs. If your target market by & large is against the use of them then displaying an article that says: “Why I use PBNs and the world is better off because of it”.

If your crowd is mostly for PBNs an article about the follow could work: “I stopped using PBNs. And you should too”. Now, of course, you want the information to be true. Don’t say you use them if you don’t, etc.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #9: Online Communications Strategy

Alex Csedrik, Copywriter at GWP Inc., said:

The best way to drive traffic to your website is through your online communications strategy. Having an active blog with interesting content will encourage readers to come back to your site. Also, social media is a perfect way to drive website traffic – including a website link at the end of all your posts can help drive traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #10: Consistent Guest Posting

John Nardini, Owner of ESI Money, said:

I started writing guest posts on any site that would have me. The first few at least provided links to my site (which I knew would eventually yield dividends) if not much traffic. As the guest posts were published, I used them as examples to show to larger sites. I eventually climbed my way up to high-traffic sites that deliver both links and many visitors.

I also included a link to my free e-book in those posts, so I get the email addresses of visitors. Now I have links (and resulting traffic from Google) plus regular sources of traffic and am up to about 80k pageviews a month.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #11: Offer Free Stuff

Garrett Ball, President & Owner of Secure Medicare Solutions, said:

The number one way that we drive traffic to our website currently is by offering things for free. In my industry, that is free insurance quotes and free resources to help people understand Medicare. While most of my competitors don’t charge for providing these services, they do typically require a lot of information from the consumer before giving them the

What we try to do is to offer free quotes and resources with the most minimal amount of information required from the consumer. That’s the Golden Rule for my business – that’s how I would want to shop for insurance, so we allow visitors to our website to do it that way as well.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #12: Google AdWords

Aaron Lin, Director at Ignitive, said:

I find Google AdWords to be an excellent traffic generation channel for any business or industry. Of course, there are certain keywords with obscene CPCs, but with a little bit of creativity, it shouldn’t be difficult to capture a percentage of that market without paying such ridiculous prices.

Think about what your customers or audience members are searching for, and target similar non-competitive keywords with substantial search volumes to get the best bang for your buck. It’s also immensely helpful that search engine traffic converts a lot better than traffic from social media channels.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #13: Content Marketing

Bradley Shaw, President of SEO Expert Brad, said:

Content marketing is the best way to drive traffic in 2017Downloadable resources are excellent in increasing website traffic. This kind of content takes many forms and provides tons of value. Some popular forms of downloadable content include e-books, video training, templates, checklists, workbooks. Downloadable content encourages repeat visits from people who want to know what other resources you have.

You’re likely to get referral traffic from partners and fans who love the resource you created, and social sharing can be very high for useful resources. Plus, if you offer your resource in exchange for email addresses, you can market to leads directly and encourage them to continue visiting your website.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #14: Spread The Word

Zondra Wilson from Blu Skin Care said:

Here are a few sure fire ways to drive traffic to your website:

  1. Place your business’ website address on your printed literature including your business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead and any ad’s you may run.
  2. Make the name and URL of your website part of your email signature.
  3. Be sure to mention your website when you’re networking locally.
  4. Place all advertising on social media. This will help drive traffic to your site.
  5. Participate in online forums and groups as an expert. You can include your business name and website URL in your three or four-line signature.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #15: Find The Right People

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Founder of ShakingNews, said:

Finding the people who care about what you’re doing and reaching out to them (over email, Twitter, or any other way) has been the most powerful way we’ve gotten traffic to our site. It requires regular effort, for instance mentioning someone on Twitter, emailing an article to someone and asking them to share, posting to a Facebook group, or even just posting to the right subreddit.

However, the results make that effort well worth it. We regularly see links turn up all over the place, delivering traffic to ShakingNews, because we reached out to the right people.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #16: CM + SMM + VM

Sarah Jordan, the Creator of, said:

Here are the tops tactics I’m using to generate free traffic back to my website:

  1. Content marketing: Use Facebook groups or Google keyword search to find out the top questions or problems you can solve for your ideal clients. Write a blog about each one and put it on your website. Make sure you are using keywords in your post. This is how you will be found by search engines.
  2. Pinterest is a visual search engine that sends TONS of traffic and qualified leads to websites. Create an eye-catching photo (you can get stock photos from for free) and put in in your blog post. You can design your own Pinterest-friendly image for free on pic monkey (be sure to resize the canvas to 736 x 1104 first). Put this photo in your relevant blog post and then pin it to Pinterest on a relevant board. As people share this pin, they are sharing your website link. This is known as creating backlinks, and it will boost your search rank big time!
  3. Make YouTube videos. Youtube is another big search engine. Make a video based on each blog post you created. Put it in the post. When you create the video on Youtube, link back to your blog post and your website. Make sure you use tags in your video. Tags are similar to keywords.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #17: Diversify

David Tile, Founder of, said:

Driving traffic to my website is all about sticking my finger in as many pies as possible. It’s not just SEO and not just social media, it’s using all of it at once. This means commenting on blogs, sharing content on Reddit, creating captivating content for our audience, and anything else that is relevant and timely.

You can’t build an online presence unless you are active and no one will visit your website if they can’t find you in some way. The Internet works in mysterious ways, you’d be amazed at some of the connections that have pushed people towards our website.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #18: Social Media Domination

Mike Koehler, CEO & Founder of Smirk New Media, said:

How do you drive traffic to a your website? Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Create optimized social media channels on the platforms used by your ideal customers.
  2. Write a month’s worth of quality content for those channels which explain how great you are at what you do.
  3. Include links to your website on every social media post.
  4. Make sure that content is filled with brilliance and keywords.
  5. Tell everyone – your Facebook fans, friends, email contacts and in-person customers that you are doing exciting new stuff on the web.
  6. Profit.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #19: Live-stream Video

Keenya Kelly, Strategic Brand Advisor at If You Brand It, said:

The #1 way we drive traffic to our website is by using live-streaming video.

Every morning Monday – Friday I get on Periscope and Facebook live and teach business owners about how to build a brand. On every broadcast the link to my company’s website is there, I talk about it at the beginning, middle and end of the broadcast and then we post the link after the show is over in the comments, alerting everyone that has commented during the broadcast.

Not only do YOUR friends see it and hear about your website, but during the broadcasts all of your live viewers have the option with very quick clicks to share on Periscope with their followers and all of their followers get an alert, sharing on Facebook and the average person has 1000 friends and then sharing on Twitter.

You may start your broadcast with 20 people and through sharing you could reach 200 – 2000 people while you are live AND they can watch your replay. So you can promote yourself, a product, service or event to thousands of people daily for ZERO cost with live-streaming.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #20: PPC

Christine Kilbride, a Digital Marketing Associate at Sagefrog Marketing Group, said:

Driving traffic is the ultimate goal for any business owner – but it can be tricky business. One method is through paid search, or PPC. Pay-per-click advertisements are a great opportunity to gain real estate on Google’s first page. This is ideal for websites who do not have the rank potential to get on the first page organically.

Speaking of organic search, one way to increase traffic through non-paid channels is to do keyword research. Use Moz’s Keyword Explorer to find questions that relate to your target keywords. Take these questions and create content (like a blog post) that specifically answers that query. No matter what method you choose, do thoughtful user-centric research prior to investing in SEO or SEM.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #21: Weekly Newsletters

Eric Anthony, Founder of, said:

We send out a weekly newsletter, and we see succeed by filling it with calls to action that lead our readers back to our website. Our website is where we make money, so the more we can get out newsletter readers back to our website the better.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #22: Use The Followers Of Other People

Shiree Odiz, Founder of, said:

A strategy we like to use is leveraging the followers of other vendors or bloggers. To do this, we create content using the input of other vendors or bloggers. Then when the content is finished, they are more inclined to share the post with their followers because of their contribution.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #23: Stick Your Nose

Devon Kirk, the Marketing Manager at GetPayroll, said:

Driving traffic to your website can be challenging. We have found great success driving traffic to our website in several ways: Facebook ads utilizing the “Learn More” link and demographic filtering; HARO and replying to journalists requests (like this one!), regularly pitching stories to local media and radio hosts, using Cision for press release submissions,
email marketing to prospects, and attending industry related trade shows.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #24: Republishing Content in Different Formats

Andrew Warner, Founder of Content Ranked, said:

One of the best ways I drive traffic to my site is through republishing content in different formats. Since many people don’t like to read and are visual learners, I try to visually republish my content as many ways possible. (infographics, video, SlideShare presentations, etc.).

One thing I’ve recently tested is content syndication on major sites. That has brought in some very positive results so far and a considerable amount of traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #25: Paid Advertising + Email Marketing

Tom Antion, Founder of Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, said:

I’ve been selling on the commercial Internet since there was a commercial Internet circa 1994. For years I had sometimes 4 – 6 of my sites in the top ten for my competitive keywords. Although we still teach basic SEO at our school, my company has gone to paid traffic which is cheaper in the long run than doing all that’s necessary in today’s atmosphere to get and keep a high search engine ranking.

We can turn traffic on and off at will and test ideas literally sometimes in hours rather than months. We also use email marketing with a list of about 100,000 in a niche market.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #26: Posting On Related Forums

Dave Hermansen, CEO of Store Coach, said:

While we certainly do paid advertising and constantly work on SEO to drive traffic to our websites, the way that we drive the most traffic – especially with a new website – is from posting on related forums.

Almost every niche has a forum either devoted specifically to it or to a slightly broader group of people who may someday be interested in your products or services. The key to driving traffic from those forums is becoming a valuable member of their community. Answer all the questions you can; help people who need it; link to more detailed answers, whether
it is on your site or another site; thank people for useful posts.

Whatever you do, don’t use the forums to promote your company. The respect and gratitude you earn by helping people will far outpace any blatant efforts of promotion you try to do in a forum. People will value your advice and opinions. Soon, they will click on the link you place in your signature or on your profile page to learn more about you and your company and real, targeted traffic that sees you as an authority will visit your website and buy from you.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #27: Guest Blogging, Again

Dan Elson, Founder of, said:

It may appear to be old school as its been mentioned time and time again! However, guest blogging on your niche related websites, especially the ones with high DA’s and are free offers you greatness you can not ignore! Not only do you have brand awareness of your website and yourself (free PR) but you also get a backlink, generally a [do]follow backlink that is ever so important to Google and how it ranks your website in search!

Guest blogging still is one of the best ways, and free ways, to drive traffic to your website and its one that I’ve personally used over the last 2 months to secure over 10 backlinks from travel related websites! All free, just my time… not too shabby!

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #28: SEO + Content Marketing

Neil Mclaren, Owner & Founder of, said:

We drive most of our traffic organically through search engines by implementing an effective content marketing strategy. By communicating with our consumers often, we are able to identify the questions that they are seeking answers for, and provide these answers through well-optimized blog content.

We use our expert knowledge in our field to help our consumers, and in exchange, they begin to trust us as a reliable expert within our industry. Our blog topics translate into niche but competitive keywords and through SEO, we are able to rank highly for these keywords and drive long-term traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #29: Leveraging Communities

Antony Vitillo, Owner of Ghost Howls, said:

I drive traffic to my website especially by communicating with communities. I write about virtual reality, so the best way to increase awareness of The Ghost Howls (and previously of Immotionar) is posting my blog articles on Reddit and Facebook VR communities.

I think that the key is in using the most possible number of different channels: I also post on Twitter, LinkedIn and Hacker News; and I write on Medium, Quora and do guest posting. You can’t know the channel that can drive you more traffic for each content, so the best is trying the most of them.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #30: On-Page SEO

Michael Lan, a Digital Marketing Consultant at Glossika, said:

If you’re struggling to rank for target keywords and aren’t getting any traffic from them, the first thing you’ll want to do is look at your website’s on-site optimization. Go back and check to make sure that all of your website’s pages and blog posts are properly optimized for SEO. This includes all page title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, image alt tags, and content.

Take this chance to add to your existing posts if you are lacking in content. Strategically place your target keywords in each of the aforementioned areas then wait for Google to index your site. Assuming you did everything right, you should see a considerable spike in organic search traffic!

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #31: SMM + Facebook Ads

Amanda Goldman-Petri, Founder of Market Like A Nerd, said:

When I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I used to get visitors to my website by using free social media traffic such as posting in other people’s Facebook groups. As I’ve grown, I’ve seen best and most scalable results with paid Facebook advertising traffic which I’ve delegated to a Facebook Advertising Manager, and affiliate traffic such as podcast interviews, feature articles in media outlets, and guest blogs, which I’ve delegated to a Publicist.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #32: Strong SEO + SMM

Samantha Milner from said:

I am a food blogger therefore what I do may differ to other people. My main traffic sources start with SEO through Google search, Yahoo and Bing, along with social media traffic through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Medium and of course social media groups.

I have grown my traffic from zero to 200,000 page views per month while hardly paying for any traffic in that time. It is about getting quality content on your blog and then sticking with it and sharing heavily on social media. It’s a case of the effort you put in = results you will get back.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #33: SMM + Guest Posting

Andrew Schrage, Founder & CEO of Money Crashers, said:

One great way to drive traffic to your website is to market it through social media. You can open accounts at places like Facebook and Twitter, and others such as Instagram and YouTube. Post high quality content and include images when possible. And the articles on your website should have compelling and creative headlines, with appropriate keywords added in. Make people want to read what you have to say.

Another strategy is to start a guest posting campaign. Reach out to other websites in your niche and see if you can send over an article to be posted on their website. Again, make sure the content is high quality. Also, be sure you are including internal links on your content, where you link to other articles on your website

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #34: Pinterest Focus

Rachel Stephens, SEO & Customer Behavior Analyst at Totally Promotional, said:

One of our top ways to drive traffic to our website is Pinterest. Last month, over 30 percent of the traffic to our wedding koozie site came from Pinterest. This was higher than any other source of traffic we received. Pinterest works well for our Totally Wedding Koozies site, but may not be a good match for a different industry. It is important to determine where your
target audience is spending time online and consider investing in a presence in those locations

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #35: Answer Questions & Round-Up Posts

Kean Graham, the CEO of MonetizeMore, said:

Below are the best performing growth hacker strategies:

  1. Answer Questions: We answer ad optimization related questions on Google Product Forums, Quora, Twitter and Reddit. We have found that this enables positive interactivity with sub-communities, establishes us as authorities and drives many leads.
  2. Round-up Posts: A well executed round-up post based on trending topics in our industry has gotten a lot of views, shares and attention from the most influential players. The extra time it takes to create a round-up post has provided a much greater return versus normal blog posts.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #36: Share Your Knowledge On Community Sites

Nicole Letendre, the Marketing Coordinator at Bonafide, said:

Though there are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your site, one of the most unique ways our team have found is to become active on community-based sites like Reddit. Reddit is a huge online community made up of specific “subreddits”. Each unique subreddit posts user-generated helpful content, making it the perfect place to post your informational blogs.

We created a hyper-local blog for a client and posted the link on the local subreddit. That post received 4x the amount of views than any other post on the blog for the month and drove new, local traffic to the site. Since then, we have become active on a few different subreddits.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #37: Strategic Blogging

Justin Lavelle, the CCO at, said:

Use your blog to provide meaningful but strategically related content to the consumers you are trying to market to. Once written, then leverage the posts with other publications to broaden your reach and drive visits back to your website. We also ensure that our blog is a source of useful information for our customers and potential customers, not just another
advertising channel.

It could be useful to use an editorial calendar, but the danger with that is that the content can become static and too focused on what you want to talk about, rather than what your customer is paying attention to. Stay focused on up-to-date, relevant topics in the news that affect your customers’ lives and keep things nimble to address hot topics as they come up.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #38: All Forms Of Blogging + SMM

Courtney Barbee, CEO & Director of Marketing at The Bookkeeper, said:

I drive traffic to our website by blogging extensively, both on our internal blog, and as a guest blogger. Sharing those articles across our social media accounts and on partners’ social media accounts does a great job of driving traffic.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #39: Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

Teresa Walsh, the Marketing Executive at, said:

A smart strategy is to focus on long tail keywords. These are longer more specific phrases that consumers are searching for further down the buying funnel and usually, consists of 3+ keywords, for example, Audi A4 scuba blue or another unique example is a vehicle registration number.

These keywords generally have less competition surrounding them and less competition means fewer costs. They also tend to have lower search volumes but have higher conversion rates, as the customer’s know exactly what they want and are ready to buy. It’s a good way to drive traffic from the SERP’s.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #40: Go With The Flow

Charles Dugan, CEO of American Image Displays, said:

Piggyback off mentions of your competitors in the news. There is a high probability there are pages online that mention your competitors but not you. Take advantage of these situations to bring more targeted traffic to your site. If their readers are interested in your competition, they’re probably interested in you too.

Reach out to journalists and bloggers that cover your competitors and see if they are willing to include your company in their articles as well.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #41: Strict SMM

Sara Bennett, Social Interactions & Marketing Strategist at, said:

We use social media [to] drive traffic to our website. Instead of posting articles, images and content from other sources on our social media, we create that content ourselves to keep traffic on our website. In doing this it is important to maintain important and impactful content, it cannot be strictly advertising.

Followers and customers are more likely to click through to your website if they find something to be interesting or important to themselves. We create this kind of traffic driving content on our website or blog (which is on our website) and it largely consists of information, ideas or technology in our community, product guides or lifestyle posts.

For example, I recently created a post about how to create an eco-concsious and sustainable outdoor party featuring our products. I have also written a blog post on our website about up cycling, which is a new term within the community.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #42: Something For Everyone

Jason Stringfellow, the SEO Manager at Smart Domain Group, said:

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website such as social media, paid search engine adverts, SEO, external and internal articles. All these examples offer a wide variety of benefits.

Social media gains you followers that can share your business through word of mouth; search engine adverts put you at the top of search engine results (depending on
the industry and amount spent); internal and external articles create high quality links and direct viewers to your site; and SEO improves your online presence by increasing your organic rankings.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #43: The Longer The Tail, The Better

Daren low, Founder of, said:

For best SEO, we target long tail keyword by using appropriate content. First we decide on a topic that will resonate with our audience, then we do some keyword research around the topic. With the results of the keyword research, we figure out an approach to present our idea.

We don’t stuff keywords in the article, but with those keywords that we want to target in mind, we craft the article around the keyword (topic). As long as our article has a good number of words (over 1,000) and engages our audience (as measured by time on site), we get good SEO results. Over a short period of time, Google will rank our site for the long tail keyword.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #44: Let People Find You

Alex Chater, Head of Marketing at Houzen, said:

Landlords are not your typical target audience. They blend in to society across all adult age groups, genders, and nationalities. Inspired by established property investor events, we’ve found the most effective way to find the audience is to let them find us!

To lure them in with articles, videos and tools that provide value for their time. For instance, we saw our lead acquisition cost decrease by 70% once we focused on producing and marketing quality blogs rather than simply targeting wealthy segments of society with product ads. We’ve also achieved significant gains in positive post interactions when deploying 3 second video carousels on Facebook.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #45: Pick Your Fights

Chris Pontine, Owner of Creating A Website Today, said:

If anybody wants to drive very commercial intent – wallet in hand readers they want to take the time and focus on building content focusing on long-tail keywords. By taking this action they will have a better chance competing against large companies because your focusing on longer keywords instead of a keyword with 1 or 2 words.

Let me give a quick example: If you’re a small company focusing on the keyword womens jeans and writing a[n] article in regards to this. You’re going to have a tough time getting to page 1 because it will be filled with power house websites such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.

However, if you take the time and focus your content around a longer tail keyword such as dark blue womens jeans your going to increase your odds of being able to rank higher. Conclusion: Take the time to expand on your content looking to focus each page on long tail keywords.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #46: Optimize Well-Ranking Pages

Matt Bentley, Founder of, said:

Research which pages of your site are close to ranking for targeted keywords, and optimize those pages for search engines. On-page SEO is one of the quickest ways to boost organic traffic. It can include changing the headline, adding image alt text, altering meta descriptions to improve click through rates, adding internal links as well as keywords and related terms.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #47: Guest Posting Just Works

Sophie Knowles, Co-Founder of PDF Pro, said:

I’m a big fan of guest posting. It takes time writing content and pitching it to other sites, but the payoff can be huge. When you are starting a new website it can be very hard to get your name out there. With guest posting not only do you get the PR exposure to the audience of another website, but you also receive the SEO benefit of a backlink to your site.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #48: Landing Pages

Gene Caballero, Co-Founder of GreenPal, said:

We have implemented this strategy with growing our business in smaller markets. In addition to creating landing pages for large metros like Atlanta Ga, we also create them for Marietta, Alpharetta, Decatur, etc. This will ensure that Google algorithm can detect the keywords and your business in that specific location. This will certainly help expand a
business to a new city by ranking for search and has improved our business by 10% by launching this practice.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #49: Be Educational

Victor Clarke, The Marketing Quarterback at Clarke, Inc., said:

Before you start blogging, ask yourself why people are on the Internet in the first place. Often they are seeking answers. If you can answer a question about the pros and cons of inground swimming pools, you will have the edge over a competitor who writes a sales pitch.

Be educational, not self-obsessed. Link to authoritative sources to give your writing more credibility and provide a call to action and allow comments to draw potential customers into a dialogue with you. Make sure to answer comments.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #50: Balance

Dustin Montgomery from Shippers Supplies, said:

We are about tied for our top ways for driving traffic. We have a great balance of organic traffic and paid traffic. Both sources are heavily slanted toward Google, and both see a great deal of users coming back directly as well. We aim to execute on great content as both a way to sell and a way to rank, it is the heart of a good online marketing strategy.

Website Traffic Generation Strategy #51: DIY SEO Process

Doing SEO in-house (Do-It-Yourself) is the best gift you can make to your business as no-one should know your business better than your own team.
If you don’t know where to start, check the 102-Point SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy, it will give you 360 vision of what is at stake for your successful SEO Journey. If you have a new domain with 0 referring domains, also check their Link Chest to kickstart your link building journey and grow your domain authority.

Ranking The Most Popular Traffic Generation Strategies

According to the responses by these 50 digital marketers, I have summarized several traffic generation strategies that encompass their efforts. And here they are ranked by popularity:

  1. Content Marketing – guest posting, blogging, etc.
  2. Social Media Marketing – spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  3. SEO – keyword optimization, on-page SEO, etc.
  4. Paid Advertising – AdWords, Facebook video ads, etc.
  5. Online Communities – forums, Q&A sites, social media groups, etc.
  6. Video Marketing – YouTube, Facebook live videos, etc.
  7. Email Marketing – newsletters, autoresponder email series, etc.

So as it seems, people are getting great results from CM and SMM with more than 60% of these 50 digital marketers utilizing one or the other, or both. Then we have SEO that plays a part in everything but was explicitly mentioned in 20% of the responses. The rest, while also a great option, seem to not be that popular – yet.

Inet Solutions Quick Website Traffic Update + GA Screenshots


Ultimately, driving traffic to your website comes down to creating a balance between all traffic generation strategies that can work in your niche. But, your main focus should be on content creation, content marketing, and link building. The last one is absolutely necessary if you don’t have the budget for paid advertising.

If you do, then you should be all about content creation that can engage and retain your website visitors. But, don’t forget about social media because when it is used the right way, it can bring a ton of targeted audience to your website in a very short period of time. Best of luck!