Few Ways to Increase Traffic and Get More Facebook Likes

Few Ways to Increase Traffic and Get More Facebook Likes

Getting more likes on your Facebook posts is an indicator that you value your followers and share quality content all the time. However, you will have to work on expanding your reach and getting more traffic to your site to get more likes. Here are some ways you can try for improved traffic and more likes.

Share Searchable Info

One of the most important ways to get Facebook likes is to share searchable info on your page. You need to pay attention to optimize it keeping the latest algorithm changes in mind.  Understand that you’re going to increase the visibility of your Facebook page if you have optimized everything from your profile picture to your page description. Everything should be in line with your brand and help build your identity.

Your profile page should include valuable information about your business. Ensure that you keep it updated so your visitors could contact you with ease. Here, you can use your main website, your phone numbers, as well as your business address. Also, keep in mind that you will have to write both “Short” and “Long” descriptions.  When writing the short description, keep it as straightforward as possible. Simply talk about your business and then finish with a call to action along with your website’s URL.

Pay more attention to the long description because that will help sell you in front of your audience. A clear overview of your company should go here along with your website. Anything else relevant to your business and the way it can help your audience should be added too.

Consider Promoting Offline

Online promotion is crucial but offline promotion is just as important. So many people fail to get enough Facebook followers and likes because they ignore the opportunity to promote the Facebook page offline.

For offline promotion, you should simply add your Facebook page to physical marketing materials, such as flyers, business cards, product packaging, and in-store signs.  Be sure to add the short URL to your Facebook page to all these materials. The short URL is important because it makes it easier for your audience to remember it and use it whenever they want.

Another trick is to create a custom QR barcode to your Facebook page or website and then share it with your audience. They can simply scan it and go directly to your Facebook page through their mobile devices.

Invite Friends and People You Know

You need to ask your friends and people you may know to join you on Facebook and check your content. If they can help you get some likes, you will appear as a reliable source for new followers. So, ask your friends for their help whenever possible.


It all boils down to the fact that being active on Facebook is one thing but getting more followers and likes requires a lot more than sharing new posts.  You will have to create high-quality content regularly but still, you will need an opening to start getting some traction. If it’s getting tougher, you may want to try Social Media Daily, the best place to buy Facebook likes and followers. Once you get the attention, you can revert to the basics and hope to get better results.