Google Reviving Webmaster Q&A Video Series

Google Reviving Webmaster Q&A Video Series?

As per a recent tweet by the official Google Webmasters Twitter account, we can tell that they are looking to resurrect their webmaster Q&A video series:

We’re looking into a series of webmaster Q&A videos. Which questions are on your mind & need covering? Let us know!

Back in the glorious days of Matt Cutts, short Q&A videos were almost mandatory for Google’s webmaster team. However, when the creator of the zoo left the big “G”, this practice kind of fell off a cliff.

These short Q&A videos were replaced by about an hour long webmaster hangouts where everyone was free to attend and ask anything. However, these might have proven to be less effective than the short-form videos back in Cutts’ days as head of web spam.

What’s important here to note is the fact that Google won’t be answering to site-specific questions. So if you are looking to find out why your own website is not ranking and want a personalized response, I suggest talking to an SEO about it or visit the official webmaster help forum.

But, if you have a general question, I suggest you go ahead and visit the link in the quote above and send it to the Google webmaster team. If they happen to actually restart their Q&A videos, you might be on TV. Plus, you know, you might learn something from the source itself.