Stuck At The Headline Here's 10 Lifesaving Tips To Get You Rolling Again

Stuck At The Headline? Here’s 10 Lifesaving Tips To Get You Rolling Again

Your content is as good as the headlines you write. Most people dedicate only a few seconds to figuring out whether they want to read a blog post or not. A “meh” headline will immediately lead to them losing interest. While a headline is so crucial for content success, writing the perfect one is a challenging task. Ask anyone who has attempted to do it and you’ll get the same answer – being witty, clever and fun in a few words is hard to do.

Even if you don’t get the inspiration to write the perfect headline every single time, there are things you can do to make your titles more engaging. Following a few essentials will give you decent headlines every single time and who knows, you may even hit a couple of golden phrases.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s so important to make headlines unique and specific at the same time.
  • How to create a sense of urgency in the reader, making them want to explore the entire piece.
  • Relying on humor and creativity to establish an emotional connection and get the potential reader hooked right from the start.

#1. Good Headlines Are Specific

In a world filled with tons of information, you can’t afford to have vague headlines. People want specific, niche information. The deeper you dig into the niche, the better the headline is going to come out.

A specific headline lets the reader know immediately whether the content you have to share is of particular interest to them. People who’re not into the topic will leave immediately. On top of that, you’ll get a target audience that will stick around and explore your texts.

Writing something specific usually trumps writing something clever for the purpose of being original. More often than not, people seek information rather than entertainment. Unless you have a killer fun headline, stick to a highly specific content description.

#2. Keep It Accurate

Many writers fall into the trap of exaggerating for the sake of benefiting from shock value. While the strategy (click-baiting) may work once in a while, it will definitely alienate a large portion of the audience.

Don’t promise people Kim Kardashian’s booty secret, unless you can deliver on that promise. Vastly exaggerating the value of the content will probably get many to read through the text. Once they’re done, however, people will feel deceived and they’ll never come back to your content.

#3. Create A Sense Of Urgency In The Reader

Making people feel that they’re going to miss out if they don’t read your text will usually be sufficient to get many to pay attention. Obviously, creating a sense of urgency in every headline is impossible. When used smartly, however, this strategy can boost engagement.

Setting a deadline, using time-sensitive language, sharing information about “scarce” resources and featuring a call to action in the title can all be used to create a sense of urgency. A title like Read This Before You Buy Your Next Property utilizes these strategies.

#4. Spice It Up A Bit

While sticking to the basics is very important, you can always spice things up a bit by using creativity and humor. A title that’s accurate and specific can also be fun and exciting. Choose a language that will resonate with your readers. Stick to strong, active verbs and adjectives that paint a picture. If possible, make it funny.

If you opt for humor, be careful about addressing sensitive topics or making certain kinds of jokes. Politics, gender, race and religion are typically best when left out of the headline.

#5. Learn From The Pros

Good writers read a lot. They find inspiration in the works of others and appreciate texts that are creative and well composed. Take some time to read every single day. See how professionals are doing it. What’s unique about their headlines? How do they draw attention to the text itself?

The more you learn about such professional techniques, the easier it will be to make your headlines pop. If you still find it difficult to get the job done, you may consider cooperating with something that will help you reach this goal – Topaussiewriters. Choosing such a service every once in a while will be amazing for building your own know-how.

#6. Keep It Brief

It’s very rare that lengthy headlines will actually work. People want to know what your text is all about immediately. Don’t make them wait by attempting to make it convoluted, complex and more original than ever. A general rule of thumb is that simpler is always better. When in doubt, stick to accurate and informative.

#7. Write First, Edit Later

Some people commit the grave mistake of attempting to write the perfect headline prior to moving on to the text. Instead, draft a work title and move on. While you’re writing content, you may get inspired to put together the perfect headline. Don’t waste hours attempting to accomplish something that may be incredibly easy otherwise.

#8. Make A Promise & Keep it

Making a promise in the headline is a wonderful hook but here’s the catch – you have to keep it. 7 Biggest Weight Loss Secrets Revealed is a title that makes a promise – it promises to unveil secret information. Most people will want to read this text, especially if it delivers on the promise.

#9. The Five Ws

A simple rule of journalism can be applied to writing any kind of headline. Your headline should answer at least a few of the five most important questions – who, what, when, where and why.

Answering a few of these questions in the headline and addressing the rest in the opening paragraph will give your text a clear structure and make an adequate presentation that readers can rely on.

#10. Make It Conversational

People don’t like stiff language – it makes them feel alienated right from the start. A title should feel conversational rather than formal. Addressing the reader in the second person is one of the easiest ways to break the ice. Avoid excessively complex words and professional jargon. If the title doesn’t feel approachable, people aren’t going to waste time on the text itself.


Writing good headlines takes practice even for the best of writers. Work hard, read a lot and don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s also very important to know your audience well. If you’re familiar with the preferences, education and style that readers feel comfortable with, you’ll find it a lot easier to craft perfect headlines.