Why Your Business Would Benefit From the Involvement of an External Copywriter

Why Your Business Would Benefit From the Involvement of an External Copywriter

A lot of business owners will attempt to write their own website copy, marketing material and press releases themselves. In reality, it can be very tricky – sometimes even awkward – attempting to sell your business online and offline. As entrepreneurs, you live and breathe every aspect of your business and its services.

In fact, there is such as thing as being too close to your business. You’re understandably biased about your products or services, which can make it difficult to promote your business to prospective customers. That’s why external, freelance copywriters can be so beneficial; helping to provide a professional and objective approach to writing effective content that supports your business goals and develops a distinct tone of voice for your brand. If you’ve never considered hiring an external copywriter to assist with your online and offline marketing material, here are some compelling reasons why you can certainly get more than you bargained for by outsourcing your copywriting.

A fresh perspective on your business

When it comes to writing about your brand and what sets it apart from its competitors, it is hard to retain an unbiased perspective in your marketing material when writing about your own company. A freelance copywriter won’t be hung up on internal politics within your business, nor will their judgment be clouded on what the business looks like from the outside and who its target customers are and should be. Put simply, an external copywriter already has the required level of distance between themselves and your business to write impactful yet objective content that sings to your target audience.

Copywriters will write content that you don’t have the time to create

You should be able to rely on copywriters being around for some time yet. While some jobs are at risk of being replaced by machine automation, creative roles like copywriting that rely on originality and flair should still evade computerisation. If you are too busy managing your employees, or readying your store for the Christmas rush, to write your festive email newsletter outlining your seasonal offers, outsource it to a professional copywriter that can make your deals appear almost impossible to turn down. If your business has been given an opportunity to write a guest article,on an industry website, but you just don’t have the time to get it written, outsource it to a professional copywriter who can take on board your guidance and do their own research to create industry leading, thought leadership content.

Give yourself time to focus on other areas of the business

There is no two ways about it – writing killer content that drives sales and generates a long-term return on investment takes time. Unless it’s your full-time job, you’ve no doubt got plenty of other things on your to-do list to tick off.

Outsource your copywriting, so that you can handle the other spinning plates

Outsource your copywriting, so that you can handle the other spinning plates.

Copywriters who can make new products and services tantalising, freshen up older products and services, turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates, are worth their weight in gold. You’ll then have plenty of time to focus on generating new business leads, meeting existing customers and making sure the physical aspects of your business are singing from the same hymn sheet.

Professional, articulate content that builds trust and enhances your brand reputation

On the whole, a freelance copywriter will do nothing but write for other brands. They know how to clearly communicate business messages, and they have usually written for a broad enough spectrum of brands that they can easily adopt a brand’s tone of voice, or define one if necessary. Don’t underestimate the power of good copy on your website and elsewhere in your marketing material. Compelling, memorable content can help to generate sales, nurtures client relationships. Meanwhile poor copy with slapdash grammar can be an instant turn-off for customers.

Don’t invest your hard-earned money and time into an eye-catching website, only to let it down with half-baked content that undermines your brand’s reputation. Professional, articulate copywriting writes for your audience before search engines. It pushes the right buttons and ensures your business does everything it can to surprise and delight in equal measure.