4 Killer SEO Copywriting Tips

4 Killer SEO Copywriting Tips

If you’re looking to grow your online audience, you have no choice but to get smarter with your content strategy. It starts with a striking equilibrium between search engines and people. Great content should be written to speak to humans and search engines simultaneously. As complex as that might sound, it is very simple as long as you know what to do. Below are 4 killer SEO copywriting tips.

Tip 1: Humans before search engines

Content is king. Bill Gates said it first in 1996. It was true then, and it is more accurate today. Most copywriters make the mistake of concentrating too much on search engine optimization that they forget they are writing copy for human readers. It is always best to put the human reader before the search engine. In an ideal scenario, a copywriter will create content that is both optimized for search engines and still written to suit the human readers. However, if you were to choose one, you would rather write quality content that appeals to the human readers.

Tip 2: Use clear and powerful titles that reflect your Geographical target

Search engine optimization California experts advise copywriters to always start by writing their headlines first. This helps them to know what they are going to write before they start. However, it is always a good idea to read through the body content and revisit the headlines, and according to SBA there are 3.8 Million businesses in California. So remember if your target is Geographical, the headline is like the promise a reader gets of what to expect and where you should be located. To make the headline as powerful as possible, you might have to rewrite it several times after you have already finished the content.

Tip 3: Know your audience

If content is king, then readability must be queen. You want to make your content as readable as possible. There are different facets to this. Firstly, you want to use a language and a tone that best resonates with your audience. If you are writing a blog post for engineers, it is okay to use technical jargon, but if you were writing a post for stay at home moms, it is better to avoid technical jargon but instead use a friendly and conversational tone. A good copywriter will think about their audience and craft their content to speak to their unique needs.

Tip 4: Meta descriptions

If you know something about SEO, then you know the importance of Meta descriptions for search engines. A Meta description is a summary of your article that tells search engines what to expect in the article. Most copywriters make the mistake of cramming all their keywords in the Meta description without giving a thought of how it reads. When users search for something in Google, they see a link with the Meta description below it. If the Meta description makes no sense, they will probably ignore the link.

SEO copywriting can help your business rank better in search engines. Just make sure your content strategy emphasizes creating useful and high-quality content for your readers. Nowadays, search engines use sophisticated usability and readability metrics to rank pages. If your users love your content, the search engines will too.