The Impact Of Blockchain Technology In Digital Marketing

The Impact Of Blockchain Technology In Digital Marketing

As we already know, digital marketing is a crucial element for every business today. Promoting your business and products along with services is of the utmost importance since digital marketing is the best and the fastest way to promote your business. Promoting your business with digital marketing will bring significant benefits to your company, and you should think of implementing digital marketing campaign if you already haven’t.

According to numerous digital marketing companies in Dubai, there’s no greater way than using digital marketing to lift your business sky-high. Various companies across the UAE thrived with the help of the digital agency Dubai that they’ve hired to create a marketing campaign for them.

How Will Blockchain Change Digital Marketing?

The blockchain technology is also a digital, but decentralized technology that’s rising and leaving a mark in many different industries, and blockchain keeps a record of all transactions that went through a P2P network. This list is ever-growing while these records are safely stored in various decentralized and interconnected systems. Since blockchain doesn’t have a point of centralization, it means that it also doesn’t have a vulnerability point making it much less vulnerable. Find out more details on this link.

Choose Carefully

When you’ve decided to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai, you should first investigate their previous work, and that way you’ll know if they fit your company’s needs. It’s not an easy thing to choose a viable digital marketing agency, but you should use all the help you can get. Find out more about the crucial factors you should consider when hiring a marketing agency here. It’s of the utmost importance that you find the best agency possible since they’ll be the turning stone in your company’s future success.

Blockchain Within Digital Marketing

Blockchain is now entering the digital marketing industry, and it’s changing the relationship between businesses and their customers. Blockchain’s primary goal is to bring transparency in every business sector because all the information is saved using digital methods. You should also know that all this information can’t be changed or deleted in any way.

Data Privacy

Blockchain can significantly affect digital marketing in numerous ways. One of the suspected things that’ll change is the sharing of consumer’s data. Privacy is the main problem in online activities. We’re well-aware that companies have all sorts of their customer’s data based on the searches made, visited websites, purchased products, etc. It’s a common thing for personal data online to leak or to be hacked, and that’s where blockchain technology plays its part since all of this can be stopped if blockchain is used.

When blockchain is involved, all the consumer’s data will remain with consumer and companies won’t have access to the data. Blockchain technology allows consumers to have control over their personal data and to decide how much they’re willing to share. Moreover, this means that companies will need to find other methods of collecting consumer’s data. Before blockchain technology, companies received consumers’ data automatically, but that won’t be the case for long, and they’ll need to rely on customers for the data.

Digital Advertising Will Change Too

Digital marketing won’t disappear, and consumers can expect ads to continue overloading them daily. Overloading consumers with ads will change as well with the blockchain technology. Today, companies are bombarding consumers with ads non-stop because they don’t know the user’s interests. Companies hope that this method will engage consumers with at least one ad out of hundreds. Getting users attention with at least one advertisement is considered a success, but no one’s thinking about how irritating this approach can be.

Companies that use blockchain technology have introduced an app called BAT (Basic Attention Token), and this app brings significant changes to the relationship between users, advertisers, and publishers. Advertisers can buy the advertisement through the app, while the users can choose which ads they want to see instead of seeing everything. If and when users see an ad through this app, they’ll be paid a small amount of money that was paid for this ad in the first place. Since consumers will receive commissions from BAT, the publishers will also be paid, but the portion that they’ll receive is far greater.

Transparency Is What Blockchain Is All About

All digital marketing companies in Dubai claim that blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology because of the transparency it offers. Blockchain’s transparency will provide advertisers with information about who’s seeing their ads, while it’ll give them the possibility to see if the targeted audience is the one that they’ve wanted to target. Blockchain technology will bring many new options for consumers, as well as to advertisers. The impact of blockchain in digital marketing is substantial, and we’re bound to see more in the future.