Top Tips to Improve Your Online Conversion Rate Significantly

Top Tips to Improve Your Online Conversion Rate Significantly

Everyone follows a certain decision making process regardless of the product or service s/he is about to purchase. Although this process might vary depending upon the effects of the decision, considering that there is monetary investment involved, almost every customer on the Internet does a fair amount of research into the product/service a company offering before coming to the buying decision. Considering that the awareness levels of consumers are at an all-time high these days, it’s very important to understand your client’s buying process to improve your conversion rate. Following are some tips that can help you convert those prospective buyers simply seeking some information or just plain advice into loyal customers.

Outsource content creation

Quality content has the ability to relate well to your customers and target their specific needs and wants. It can help you express your business’s personality and its offerings, without sounding overly promotional. Good content can answer all the buyer’s questions, offer advice and is often used as a source of free and reliable information. It adds tremendous value as it offers the visitors something for free, and can possibly encourage them to engage in the buying process. Outsourcing your online content creation to external sources who specialise in professional content writing can save you plenty of time and headaches. You could also get videos made from the content you get written. Many are of the opinion that content marketing is slowly transitioning into video marketing. If you’re already focused on other important tasks of the business, content development would obviously not be high on your priority list. Using a reliable source can provide you with pro-level content that can go a long way in helping you meet your business’s core objectives.

Steer clear of jargon

Many businesses use so much of industry-specific buzzwords and terminologies in their websites that the reader gets confused about what the business actually does, and what will s/he get in return for his/her money. You must be very transparent about your offerings and approach it like an elevator pitch. If you’re running an e-commerce portals, you should also checkout these 6 very important tools that can possibly help you towards this end. Taking this route will help you position your business as an authentic and transparent entity, increasing the chances of conversion.

Make your website enjoyable

The moment your website becomes overly complicated and difficult to comprehend, you run a major risk of losing the visitor. Statistics reveal that 55% of the website visitors spend no more than 15 seconds on the website. Hence, grabbing their interest and holding it is very important to take them further down the funnel and encourage them to buy. As suggested earlier, you can use attractive videos to provide concise and clear info about your product/services. Videos have become an excellent medium of engagement and put a voice and face to your business.

Do away with the risk factor

Credibility and trust are two very important elements when it comes to purchases on the Internet. You could offer some type of guarantee to your prospective buyers. Doing so will minimise their risk significantly and improve the chances of them converting from a lead to a buyer. It’s up to you what type of guarantee you would like to offer. You need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and offer something that would ease his/her mind.