The Most Common Mistakes That SEO Analysts Still Tend To Commit

The Most Common Mistakes That SEO Analysts Still Tend To Commit

Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO is a term that everyone even remotely associated with the field of digital marketing knows of. SEO is a technique that helps a website rank better on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) so that the website gains more visibility from the target audience of a business enterprise.

The more your website has visibility and exposure, the greater are its chances to convert the audience into potential leads and eventually into loyal customers. But Google, the biggest search engine in the whole wide world, has its own rubrics and algorithm, and websites must conform to those to be able to climb up the ranking.

The first thing that one must know when we first open our discussion on SEO is that Google loves keeping SEO experts on their toes. It keeps upgrading and changing its metrics so that users get the best experience out of their search activities.

Therefore, SEO analysts and experts have no other alternative but to reverse engineer Google’s reigning algorithm and then devise strategies that can tweak the ranking of websites. Yet, there are analysts who tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to optimising websites.

This article aims at looking into those mistakes so that you, as an SEO expert, can be informed and aware the next time you have another project on your hand.

Lack Of In-Depth Understanding Of SEO:

It might come to you as a surprise, but most of the analysts who deal with devising strategies to enhance the ranking of a website on Google’s ranking do not know SEO cut down to its last detail. They lack an understanding of all the aspects of SEO which leaves room for going wrong when one is analysing Google’s metrics.

This is perhaps the greatest mistake that one could ever commit. There is no point proclaiming yourself to be an expert SEO analyst if you do not know the first thing that goes in optimising a website. Therefore, educate yourself on SEO and only then take up the project of elevating a website’s rank on the SERPs.

Considering SEO As Just Another Add-On Feature:

SEO is not an add-on feature. It is an institution in itself. To treat it as just another add-on feature is probably the worst mistake you will ever commit. SEO analysts pay so much attention to all the other tools and marketing strategies like social media marketing, PR skills and the like that they forget all about SEO.

In this day and age, SEO happens to be the most important for any business enterprise. Therefore, to relegate this extremely important technique as secondary is a grave mistake and must be avoided at all costs. Take a look at to understand the role SEO has to play in scaling up business organisations.

Trying to Optimise Websites For Traffic And Not For Conversions:

The moot point of SEO is to have a high conversion rate from all the visitors browsing through the website. Therefore, while concentrating on traffic is just one part of the story, the main focus should be on conversion. SEO analysts make this mistake of channelling all their efforts and time into optimising a website for garnering more traffic and pay very little attention to conversion.

Not Using Anchor Text Optimally:

One of the most important parts of developing content for SEO is the anchor text. While the body and structure of your content is crucial and makes for a significant factor that helps in elevating the ranking of a website on the SERPs, analysts should be paying more attention to the anchors.

Anchors must be placed organically within the fabric of the content and must not look out of place or out of context. Also, the words you choose as your anchor must be well researched and seen to it that they are the most used keywords on Google. That is how you can get the website to rank once users put in those keywords to search for something.


SEO is more than just a tool that business organisations use to grow their business and reach out to the millions out there. It would not be too much of a stretch to think of SEO as an institution in itself.

Therefore, if you have some serious business on your mind, you must try avoiding the aforementioned mistakes at all costs and optimise your website in a way that helps it grab more attention of your target audience.