Tips To Get Your Credit Inquiries Removed

Tips To Get Your Credit Inquiries Removed

Every loan or credit card application is registered as a credit inquiry in your credit report. Whenever an inquiry is made it gives access to the lender to your credit report. A number of inquiries impact your report for a period of time then it is removed. 

Firstly we need to understand the type of credit inquiries and how they affect our credit report. There are two types of credit inquiry,

  1. Hard Pull:

This kind of inquiry is visible on your report for two years and is reported when you apply for a loan, credit card, increase in credit card limit or mortgage. This does not have a major impact on your credit report though but it makes the lender decide whether to allow your more credit or not and on what interest rate. 

  1. Soft Pull:

As the name suggests, this kind of inquiry doesn’t affect your report at all. This inquiry is just for self-analysis of the credit history, or pre-approved applications and even for rent a car or apartment applications. These inquiries might be listed in the report but don’t bring down your score.

Although these inquiries do not dent your report many numbers of repetitive inquiries might make the credit think about your desperation for the loan to fulfill your demanding needs. The lenders become inquisitive about your situation and attitude of paying back to them, all they need is the assurance of prompt receivables from the borrowers’ side. 

Nobody likes to have an extra negative score be it of least value in their report, hence there are a couple of ways on how to remove credit inquiries to see improved credit reports. 

  • Get A Copy Of Your Report:

There are a number of free sites available to get access to your credit report. You should view all three reports generated by three major credit bureau Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Tally the results to check your transactions, requests, and inquiries. 

  • Study The Report Thoroughly:

You might find a hard pull inquiry that you never authorized for if so then you must have the knowledge of it. Review all the applied inquiries and make sure you got them authorized, else they will weigh on your report for the next two years.

  • Stay in touch with the Credit Bureau:

In case of unauthorized inquiry contact your respective creditor informing them about the inquiry you never applied for. Be polite and humble to them and request them to forward you all the records of the reported inquiry for verification. If not proven tell them to immediately remove the filed inquiry.

  • Wake up calls:

There is a mere chance of not getting a response from the creditor’s side if so you can call to complain about their irresponsible attitude towards your request. Make sure you document each and every communication made with the lender because that’s the only proof you have regarding your complaint not being fixed. Most of the time warning works best and the creditor promptly removes the invalid entry from the report.
If you don’t have time and enough confidence to get things right on your credit report, seeking help to remove credit inquiries at would be a blessing.