What is Remarketing

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of advertising which involves retargeting users which have already visited your company’s website. Remarketing ads are most often banner ads which appear in the footer or sidebar of websites which have signed up to let Google advertise.

This is a seamless way for customers to see many touch points of your brand during the browsing experience.

Say for example you are a company which sells outdoor clothes & equipment. Imagine a customer navigates to your site and adds a selection of fishing equipment to their basket, but then leaves without completing the transaction.

With retargeting you can display banner ads to this customer to encourage them to come back and complete the sale.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Here is a quick step by step example of how remarketing works.

  1. The customer visits your site and they are tagged with a retargeting cookie.
  2. When they navigate away from your site and browse the internet they will now see your retargeting ads.
  3. A % of customers will click on your ad & complete the action you want them to take such as a sale.

How Is Remarketing Different To Banner Ads?

The difference between the two is really the level of personalisation that is possible with retargeting compared to banner ads. When you work with banner ads you are using data on an individual such as age, sex & their interest to come up with a customer profile you would like to advertise to.

With remarketing, you are advertising to your people that have already entered your sales funnel. These are people who have visited your site and interacted with it in some way already. The advantage is that your targeting is more accurate.

There are lots of strategies you could use with remarketing. The best way to decide on the perfect strategy for you is to speak with an expert. Push is a well known, highly reputable PPC Company who won the award for Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction in EMEA. Give them a call and discuss your strategy.

Let’s look at two remarketing strategies you could use right now:

1. Remarket to abandoned cart customers

This is one of the most effective strategies because if a customer adds items to the cart they are very far down the sales cycle. At this stage, they have very likely already done their research on the products & your company and have decided these products are a good fit. There are several reasons customers abandon the cart, help them complete the action by giving them a little more support with your remarketing campaign.

2. Use smart lists to target users who are similar to your customers

Smart lists are a type of list which Google creates for you. They are very targeted because Google uses data from your Google Analytics to identify which customers are most likely to convert and then you serve your remarketing ads to those customers only. For sites with over 10,000 page views and 500 transactions smart lists is a remarketing strategy to consider.