What direction should the satellite Dish face?

What direction should the satellite Dish face?

Internet is an important utility and we have to make sure that the entire US has access to working, high-speed internet. The United States ranks a bit lower when it comes to internet accessibility. Cable internet is available in more than 42 states and satellite internet covers all states. Fiber internet is relatively new and uses complex glass wires called fiber optics. The installation of fiber infrastructure is very expensive. Therefore, the technology is not widely available. The one we have is not entirely fiber.

If you are living in geographically remote areas, chances are that the internet infrastructure won’t be developed much. Therefore, you would lack major internet providers and connection types. In these areas, satellite internet is the only option and quite common.

Direction of Satellite

As the name indicates, this internet connection is linked with satellites. Therefore, you get wireless internet. The science behind the satellite internet is simple and it follows the distribution of three satellites. One of these satellites is present in space and the other is at the hub of your internet service provider. The last part of this puzzle is placed on your rooftop and commonly referred to as a dish. All these satellites are linked. However, you need a modem to connect with the dish at your home. The satellite should face the southern sky. This is to get better connectivity and signals at prime time.

After everything is set up and cables are connected, the ISP sends the internet signal that is placed in the space. The space satellite relays the signal to the internet user that asks for it. This process is quick and swift every time the user puts forward a request to download, browse, or stream a video on Netflix. The signal then reaches the hub of your internet service provider after your request has been completed. Finally, the signals are returned to space. This is how the satellite internet works.

How is Satellite Internet better than others?

Modern-day satellite internet providers have high-download and upload speeds. The speeds may exceed 150 Mbps. The speed may vary from location to location and you only get the speeds you pay for. In many internet packages, the satellite internet has higher download speeds but these speeds are limited to certain areas. In many cases, you have high-speed from satellite but it may not reflect on your connection due to a phenomenon called latency. Latency corresponds to the delay in the signals reaching the destination server and back. This is a big problem if you have an online gamer at home. Satellite internet is not recommended for online gaming or games that require a rapid and quick response from the server.

The satellite internet has better speeds than a dial-up connection. Therefore, you will experience seamless connectivity depending on the package and the service you have. However, the satellite cannot compete with other connection types. For example, cable internet uses a complex network of coaxial cables. There are many DSL providers as well just like CenturyLink. Cable and fiber internet has the highest download and upload speeds. CenturyLink internet speeds are great as well because of its advanced technology.

Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2021:

As we discussed earlier, countless satellite internet providers are working in the US. Some of the best options available are Viasat, Hughesnet, and AT&T. Viasat has download speeds up to 100 Mbps this means you can enjoy smooth HD streaming and downloading. However, most of the satellite providers have data limits. This means that you can use a specific amount of data every month. The data limit ranges from 300 GB to more.

HughesNet is another top provider that is offering 25 Mbps for customers. However, it is surprising to say that the speeds remain constant if the weather conditions are perfect. Moreover, they have limited data caps, and therefore, these are only good for basic internet usage. Satellite internet does not support online gaming. Online games like PUBG and Call of Duty require a quick and rapid response from the gaming server. Such a feat cannot be achieved through the satellite internet and you will experience a delay or lag.