15 New And Exciting Marketing Tools You Should Know About

15 New & Exciting Marketing Tools You Should Know About

We all know how easy our lives can be with the right online marketing tools in our arsenal. Thing is, it can always get even easier. So, to make it even easier for you guys, I decided to ask 15 marketers about a favorite internet marketing tool of theirs that has either recently launched or is about to launch. Here are their picks.

Online Marketing Tool #1: AgoraAdvantage

Christina Daves, President of PR for Anyone, shared with us her most favorite marketing tool for small businesses:

Think Costco of small business services, www.AgoraAdvantage.com. It’s $10 a month and companies like Vista Print, GoDaddy, Hertz, and Deluxe Checks are offering discounts to members (that can be combined with their offers made to the general public).

They also offer things like merchant services, exclusive restaurant ordering programs, accounting, etc. It’s a one-stop discount shop for small business. I love it!

Online Marketing Tool #2: CuePin

Gabriel Kuperman, the Founder & CEO of CuePin, let us know about his recent launch:

We just launched this week our new design collaboration and feedback tool for digital marketers. Our web app allows colleagues, teammates, and clients to share feedback on any design related work, within seconds.

Online Marketing Tool #3: CueCount

Edward Sturm from EdwardSturm.com, let us know about an app he is extremely excited for:

CueCount is an app that I’m very excited for. It’s a very simple concept, but one that nobody else is doing.

The site’s users vote yes/no on ideas, copy, graphics, clothes, foots, or anything else. I’m excited to use it to have random consumers test ideas, ad copy, and images for me.

Online Marketing Tool #4: Echosec

Gert Hattingh, Head of Organic Search at Oneclickhere, shared with us a marketing tool he came across recently:

Echosec is a location-based search platform that provides journalism and marketing professionals with actionable knowledge based on social media and other information.

Basically, you can search for any topic in any location. If your clients need to become active or seek information regarding a topic in a certain location, Echosec will provide everything that comes up based on the topic and location. They currently API into the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Panoramio
  • AIS Shipping

Online Marketing Tool #5: BuzzyBooth

Joanne Levine from Lekas & Levine PR, told us about a very innovative marketing idea that is currently being put to good use:

BuzzyBooth photo stations give businesses a fresh marketing edge. What’s the easiest way to build your business’ social media presence? By getting customers to do it for you.

That’s the premise behind BuzzyBooth, an ingenious digital photo station that leverages America’s obsession with posting selfies to generate social media exposure.

It’s not your parents’ photo booth. BuzzyBooth is shipped to you, for one thing, and it’s so compact, it fits in any open corner. Signage invites clients and customers to snap a free photo, and at the click of a button, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by email.

The catch: the photo posts with an eye-catching customized graphic frame that promotes your business, along with a caption showcasing an offer or announcement.

The customer’s email is captured for your future marketing use. BuzzyBooth costs $2,500, plus about 15 minutes of set-up time. According to companies who’ve purchased it, it offers a terrific ROI.

Online Marketing Tool #6: Content Samurai

Carrie Aulenbacher from carrieaulenbacher.com, shared a new marketing tool she recently started using:

The magazine I write for recently started using Content Samurai for videos that compliment their articles. It went live 18 months ago and the versatility and quality of the platform is impressive. It really paints a picture of the article for the readers and creates great content.

Online Marketing Tool #7: Answer The Public

Garrett Mehrguth, the CEO of Directive Consulting, let us know about an awesome marketing tool that he is using:

I am in no way affiliated with Answer the Public, but I find it to be a tremendous tool to understand the topics that are relevant to your target market.

As a search marketer, it is critical that you can visualize topical relevance to the client when you are pitching a content marketing strategy.

With Answer the Public, you are able to beautifully present, in a way that is understandable to the client, the importance of being the best answers online to your target market’s questions.

Online Marketing Tool #8: SocialCentiv

Bernie Perrine, Co-Founder of SocialCentiv, let us know about his brand new online marketing startup:

SocialCentiv is a startup intent-based marketing firm that blows its competitors out of the social media water by delivering an average of 34 percent CTR when the average for Google AdWords is 1.91 percent. Using Twitter, it’s delivering ROI 140 characters at a time.

Online Marketing Tool #9: HobNob Invites

Matt Meyerson from RPRT MGMT + Ventures, shared with us a marketing app that that he and his team have created:

HobNob is an app that lets users create quick, beautiful, custom invites on their iPhone in less than a minute distributed through text. The entire RSVP process is made simpler and is more effective than heavy processes like evites or Facebook Events.

We are finding, that though this is a consumer product, businesses are using it for marketing their events, sales, etc. We have users ranging from yoga studios, real estate agents, artists, galleries, fashion designers, non-profits, publicists, and more.

Online Marketing Tool #10: UpContent

Marissa Burdett, the Growth Manager at UpContent, shared a bit of info on the tool they have created:

UpContent is a content discovery tool that helps content marketers find more meaningful content faster. Its robust algorithm pulls news articles and blog posts based on a specific search and allows users to sort by influence, so they can read and share quality content form the most influential sources in their niche (not just what’s viral).

Online Marketing Tool #11: RepuGen

Ajay Prasad, Founder and President of RepuGen, let us know about his soon-to-be launched marketing tool:

I am in the process of launching a patent-pending reputation management software for small businesses called RepuGen. Currently, my digital marketing agency GMR Web Team, uses an effective yet manual process of building positive online reputation for our clients.

RepuGen takes that process and automates it, so that businesses can easily manage their online reviews and measure customer satisfaction all on their own. Online reputation management is heavily overlooked in digital marketing, and this tool now makes the process seamless.

Frequently, a reputation management software is disregarded in digital marketing, and an excellent platform makes the online reputation management process, seamless.

Online Marketing Tool #12: Automational

Nate Kristy, VP of Marketing at Automational, let us know what’s up at their new company:

Automational, a new sales and marketing technology platform that is 100 percent tailored for small business, is now available to help SMBs transform leads into sales efficiently and affordably.

The all-in-one platform allows small business owners and employees to strategically engage existing customers, qualify projects, organize data and nurture leads.

Online Marketing Tool #13: Videolean

Tracy Willis, a Content Strategist at N2Q Consulting, shared with us her favorite marketing tool for 2016:

My favorite marketing tool in 2016 is Videolean. This service makes it easy to create high quality marketing videos without a team of professionals. With the importance of video in every marketing strategy, this is a tool not to miss.

Online Marketing Tool #14: Pitchbox

Pathik Jayani, CEO of Blue Whale Apps, let us know of a favorite marketing tool of his:

There is a tremendous trend toward developing real meaningful relationships with customers and influencers who can help you spread your story. A new great tool I found was Pitchbox.

This is a tool that helps marketers manage and automate (to some degree) relationship marketing and can help them identify and reach influencers who can help them gain valuable notoriety in a given industry.

Online Marketing Tool #15: Vidyard’s Personalized Video

Sebastian Fung, VP Marketing at WeFinance, shared with us a new marketing tool that he loves to use:

A new marketing tool I love is Vidyard’s Personalized Video tool. It allows you to use your customer’s name within the video, allowing you to personalize the experience and humanize marketing.


So there you have it guys. A total of 15 new online marketing tools either already establishing a name for themselves or are about to launch.

In a previous article, we interviewed 27 marketing experts for their #1 tool for business growth in 2016 so this article is like a nice addition to that previous chapter. Hope you enjoyed both of them.