How 11 Marketing Experts Try To Sell Me Their Products

How 11 Marketing Experts Try To Sell Me Their Products

Closing the deal is not always the easiest of jobs, especially when there’s a persuasion factor involved. I mean, if your would-be customer is already just asking for payment details, it’s a done deal, but if they have just shown interest, it is your job to seal the deal.

Now, I am very confident in our services, but I still got to learn a thing or two when I asked these 11 marketers to try and close the deal with me as if I had shown interest in their products. Here’s how they did it.

#1: OfferCraft

Dan Grech, VP of Marketing and Public Relations at OfferCraft sold by using big words:

OfferCraft delivers motivation through gamification. Our clients use our platform to infuse game dynamics into their marketing offers and employee incentives. This more effectively motivates their target audiences to do the things they want them to do.

OfferCraft’s patent-pending behavior modification tools leverage a deep understanding of human psychology, game theory and data analysis to transform traditional incentives into more fun, memorable and motivating experiences. The result? An offer that was previously only redeemed, say, 5% of the time suddenly becomes far more compelling when presented in the form of a game. It’s not uncommon for us to double or even triple redemption rates compared to the baseline. This represents a massive revenue opportunity for our clients as they get far more ROI on an identical marketing spend.

The platform weaves together features ranging from innovative game-building tools for marketers, to next-generation loyalty and couponing solutions, to sophisticated learning algorithms and more.

#2: Baron Fig

James Mazza, Head of Business Development at Baron Fig, sold by using the “green” approach:

Baron Fig is a premium and sustainable notebook manufacturer. Our notebooks open fully flat and we plant a tree for every one sold.

#3: The Ninja Coffee Bar

Kristy Finch, the Media Director at Alpaytac, sold by using the “saliva” approach:

The Ninja Coffee Bar completely reinvents the traditional drip coffee maker by unlocking coffee grounds’ full flavor potential and providing smooth, rich and well-balanced coffee.

The Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence Technology delivers customizable options for smooth, rich coffee in a cup, travel mug or carafe.

Also, it makes refreshing iced coffee by allowing users to dial up the richness of their coffee to offset the dilution caused by melting ice.

#4: Knee Deep

Wes Platt, a Writer and Designer at Prologue Games, sold by tingling my imagination:

Let’s put on a show on your home computer! Knee Deep’s a swamp noir stage play set inside a video game. You’re the star, writer, and director.

#5: Black N Bianco Kids Clothing

Lisa Chu, the Owner of Black N Bianco Kids Clothing, used the “save some money” approach:

I see you have some interest in our boys tuxedo. Did you know that renting a little tuxedo outfit can cost you between $50  – $80? And purchasing a brand new tuxedo can cost double that.

It’s very difficult to justify that cost when your little guy will only wear it once or twice if you are lucky. You don’t want to spend that every year.

Our boys tuxedo only costs $19.99 and that includes everything your little one needs. The little tuxedo is made with the kids in mind.

Using material that is comfortable for kids to wear and play in. Once your little one dresses up for the first time, it will become an annual family event.

#6: Security Pros

Mike Williams from Security Pros, sold by simply questioning my safety:

Does your security system actually prevent bad things from happening? Or does it just tell you after you’ve already suffered the loss?

When you want to stop bad things before they happen, we should talk.

#7: Natural Sugar Scrub

Roberta Perry, the Founder of Scrubz Body, sold by making me envision what her product’s effects in an aesthetic manner:

Close your eyes and remember. Remember a time when you did something wonderful just because it felt good. Was it when you were a kid?

Was it just last week? It took you to another place, if only for a moment. Now imagine if that feeling was in your daily shower and it cleansed and moisturized your skin, too.

Scrubz™ Natural Sugar Scrub. Your skin deserves to feel good!

#8: Cigarette Pollution Solutions

Ken Beckstead from, sold by making me think about the cleanliness of our drinking water:

Did you know cigarettes are the number one littered item in the world? Each year we throw out over 100 million pounds of them in landfills. That is the ones discarded properly.

The others end up in our drinking water supplies where we drink them, bathe in them, and cook our food with them in our water.

My product keeps cigarette waste out of the environment, makes collection easy, and we recycle the cigarette waste into electricity.

Each pound of cigarette waste we recycle will charge 115 average cell phones for an hour. You decide what is the best for the planet and your children.

#9: The Band Famous

Norell, a singer, lyricist, and MC of The Band Famous, sold by innovation:

The Band Famous is not only the name of our band, but the name of our smart album technology we developed ourselves. All band members are also web and mobile software developers/designers.

With the TBF platform, you get our debut album offline forever, an interactive game, free in-app concerts – meaning when we perform, no matter where you are, you will be able to tune in and watch/listen to our concerts in the palm of your hand, at the tap of a button and at no cost to you.

#10 Clarke Inc.

Victor Clarke, Owner of Clarke Inc., sold by getting right to business:

Clarke Inc. will integrate your print, web and digital marketing solutions. We offer real solutions for real people. We’re not afraid to get down, get dirty, and get you results.

We offer practical common marketing sense. If you want the pretty boys we’re not it. Our trophy is your success.

#11: Ping Labs

Matt Cholerton, Co-Founder of Ping Labs, sold by giving me the option to improve team efficiency and performance:

You invest more hours than you can count of your time, and everyone on your team, on performance management. You know it’s important… even though it doesn’t work.

It’s irrelevant, costly, and is often demotivating. The exact opposite effect you strive for. Why do you continue? You know staying in communication with your team, guiding their performance, and recognizing them is key to business success and employee retention.

Ping Labs automatically checks in with employees, facilitates work talk, and tracks data on how the team is doing – over time, and in comparison to others. Real time. Actionable.


So what was the purpose of this article? Well, quite simply, to show you how other people are trying to sell their products so you can learn a thing or two – maybe.

You guys should understand that in order to really filter out the pitches I got, I had to do a subtle mind switch, because I really don’t need these products, but I had to read the quotes with a sense of having interest in purchasing them.

So don’t mistake not needing something with not wanting something, because if you don’t want and need any of these, you probably won’t be sold of course. You have to act as if you have interest and then read the quotes.