Google Search Positions 8 9 And 10 And The Clicks Behind Them

Google Search Positions 8, 9, And 10, And The Clicks Behind Them

Interesting information about the amount of clicks that pages ranked at the last positions on Google’s first page that came up at the beginning of March gets corresponding to the position in Google’s search engine.

Paul Haahr, a senior at Google, as a specialist on search rankings shared at SMX West that position 10 actually gets quite more clicks that the previous two positions – 8 or 9. Paul Haahr even gives his explanation for this confusing fact:

No one wants to click to the next page, so they are more likely to click on the 10th and last search result.

Nevertheless this human phenomenon does not afect pages at position 7 and they receive bigger traffic than the 10th position. So, it would not be such a suprise if we see a new type of SEO strategy that would prefer moving from position 8 or 9 to position 10 if the 7th place is not possible in the desired period. Only time will tell, but it would be interesting to see how such a strategy will pay out.