3 Ways Effective Print Ads Complement Digital Ad Campaigns

3 Ways Effective Print Ads Complement Digital Ad Campaigns

These days, there’s a significant focus placed on digital marketing. In fact, digital ad spending accounts for more than half of the global ad market.

It’s important to make digital marketing a priority. That doesn’t mean that print marketing doesn’t still have its place in your marketing strategy, though.

In many cases, a combination of the two can work wonders for your business. 

Read on to learn about some of the benefits that come with combining digital marketing with effective print ads.

1. Appeal to Different Senses

When you come across an advertisement online, it’s mainly your sense of sight and (sometimes) your sense of hearing that get put to work.

Print advertisements engage different senses, specifically your sense of touch and smell (you know, that unique smell of newsprint and ink that we rarely come across these days?).

Print advertisements allow consumers to engage with your ads in a different way and create a deeper connection to your brand.

2. Increase Engagement

When people are consuming content on paper as opposed to on a screen, they often are able to pay attention for longer periods of time.

There’s something about having a tangible piece of paper in front of us that makes it easier to focus.

This, in turn, leads to better engagement and an increased chance that customers will actually follow through with what you want them to do when they look at a print ad. 

3. Gain Customers’ Trust

In today’s digital age, anyone can create ads for anything. It’s even possible to create fake ads that scam internet users out of their hard-earned money.

Because of the higher risk associated with clicking on online ads, some consumers are still hesitant to do so.

In these cases, print ads can help you to establish the trustworthiness of your business and increase your credibility. This is especially helpful if your target customer is older and might not be very tech-savvy.

How to Make Effective Print Ads

You can see now that effective print ads are a great complement to digital marketing. How do you make sure your print ads work for your target audience, though?

Here are some tips to help you design print ads that catch people’s attention and get results:

  • Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm consumers
  • Use bullet points to make information easy to read
  • Use large, bold text for easy visibility
  • Choose relevant, eye-catching messages
  • Offer something of value (such as a coupon)

You might also want to use a professional service. Utilizing coupon templates or brochure templates from Adobe Spark can help you create high-quality ads that are sure to impress everyone who sees them.

Work on Your Advertising Strategy Today

As you can see, you can give your business a significant boost by combining digital marketing and print marketing.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, be sure to keep these tips for creating effective print ads in mind. 

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